8 Tips for Making Your House Safer

If you have an elderly loved one living at home, you probably want to do anything you can to keep them safe. Major falls can be potentially life-threatening and frequent with elderly people. There are a few ways you can help to avoid such a scary catastrophe with a few tips.

Lighting their way

Taking a little time at night to check for dark areas in the house can potentially save your loved one’s life. Place outlet night lights or sensor lights in hallways and areas your senior frequents in the evening hours.

If you are comfortable enough you can even ask them where they need more lighting because recognizing their input shows you care.

Door Knobs Matter

Many elderly people have issues with their grip. This can be due to a variety of health issues from arthritis to Parkinson’s disease.

One of the nicest things you can do for your loved one is replacing the round shaped door knobs with lever style door knobs to alleviate the struggle for them and avoid them being trapped in a room because they may not be able to get out. It can also boost their self-confidence.

Hallways Helping Hand

Hallways are generally one of the areas where senior accidents happen. That means this area is likely a very important place to pay attention to.
In addition to lighting safety, you can add treads to all stairs to help prevent falls or slipping.

Check the handrails in the hallway for possible sturdiness problems, change the height if needed to make them more accessible, and add additional railing if your loved one needs it.

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Floor Rugs are Hazardous

If you have any floor rugs in your home you may want to do a couple of things to make them safer. Rugs can slide under anyone’s feet but take into account balance issues your loved one may or may not have.

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