Acne : How to Treat it , Cause , Type and Prevent

Pimples grow in our facial area, but sometimes they grow on our back, so that is why I am going to tell you how to treat pimple on the back.

Knowing pimples

First and foremost, before we can even begin combating them, we have to know first what pimples are. To make it short, pimples are dilated pores that showed themselves because you decides to be a nasty sort of person. While hormones can be the main cause of a pimple breakout, being nasty only adds to the fire of breakout. That is why I urge you not to get nasty in order for you to avoid a certain breakout.

Now that the general cause is out of the way, let us talk about the things that can make a pimple grow on our back.

Our back is probably the widest, most spotless place in our whole body. While some bones here and there might pop out, the back is usually the place that is ‘flawless’ (hence why there are lots of dresses that expose a woman’s back). But with that power comes a responsibility. Our back is the home of thousands of pores, and for that very reason only, pimples will often show itself over there. Why do pimples often grow in our facial area and our back? Simply because the two places are where the pores are abundant. Applying analogical evidence to it is pretty easy: imagine you have 2 cupcakes while your friend have 10. Who has the bigger chance of dropping the cupcake?

Here, I am going to list all of the probably things that may cause your back to start growing the pesky pimples and what you can do to cure them:

You might be using something that clogs the pores


In our lives, we have many important things such as conditioners, soaps, body creams, sunscreens, and message oils. While those things can be beneficial, they can also clog your pores. If your body is incompatible with them, high chance that you will also get allergy from them. Make sure you check on the ingredients within them before you apply them on your skin, yes?

What can you do to avoid them?

Get yourselves better conditioner and better soaps. It does not stop over there though. After you have done washing them down, make sure that the residue of those two things does not stay on the skin (you can do this by double washing them or scrubbing them hard).

For the sunscreens and body cream, you are better off finding the variant that does not stick too long on your skin. A quick dry sunscreen is a preferable choice when we are talking about preventing acne. Body cream is probably a thing that should be avoided altogether because they contain so much oil in them. Instead of body cream, you can use lotions as an alternative. Lotions contain more water than oils, so it will not clog your pore AS bad as a body cream will do. The message oils are fine as long as you kept your pores open after the session. The basic thing to consider in here is not to let any oil stick to your body.

Clothes can be a problem as well


While clothes are not the biggest problem of them all, they can *sometimes* be a problem. Clothes that is larger than your body might not be an irritant to your skin, but the tight ones can be. While this can be avoided by not wearing any skin-tight clothing, sometimes we just want to show that curves.

Showing curves will never cause pimples to grow on your skin, but make sure that you clean yourself up after you are done with it. The pimples will mainly not grow because of the friction the clothes and your skin make, but it mainly grows because there is a dirt over that part. The friction only ‘ignited’ the dirt. A simple bath can be one of the good ways on how to treat pimple on back.

Problematic Genetics


We are born on one family not because we wanted to, but because we are destined to be born on that family. If said family got a pimple growing tendency, then none can be at fault because genetics can be a pain in the butt sometimes.

Curing this is not easy because you have to change the most fundamental system that bases your existence, but getting over it is pretty easy. What you need to get is over the counter pimple medications. These medications are basically pimple medications and they will never do anything that can change your genes, but at the very least they can prevent pimples from growing out of control.

If the problems are too much for you to handle, topical and oral medications are available for you to pick. Just consult your doctor first before you pop one into your mouth and rub one on your skin, okay?

You are eating food that should not be eaten regularly


There is this think called junk foods. They taste good and they can fulfil your deepest desires. They, however, is filled with lots of thing called ‘fat’. Fat is not good for your heart, and people told me that everything that is not good for your heart will be never good for anything else in your body. That also includes the skin. When your heart is unhappy, your skin will be as well.

Dairy products are often the main perpetrator of skin and heart problems. That is why I recommend you to not eat dairy products in high amount of number. If you like dairy products so bad, cutting them down will also work as well as cutting them off. Do not drink milk in every meal; drink only a few glasses of them in each day and you will be set.

Eating cheese is worse than drinking a milk, but you can also cut the cheese down to a one serving everyday. This is the hardest remediaton on how to treat pimple on back because cheese for cheese lovers can be an ambrosia.

Back Acne Causes and Treatments


Many people, especially men, try to find out about back acne causes. As is known that acne not only appears on the skin of the face but acne can also appear on various surfaces of other body skin. Usually in addition to facial acne appears on the chest or back, neck, upper hand and sometimes many people do not realize that his chest or back was exposed to acne.

Although the chest and back can be covered with clothing so it becomes more closed but of course if there is acne on the body will still bother you. In addition, if you wear clothes that are slightly open acne or black spots acne scars will be visible, so it will reduce your confidence.

Causes of the existence of acne on the back

1.             Factors are almost the same as the cause of the existence of acne on the face

Acne on the back can be caused by trigger factors that cause the existence of acne on your face, including the production of oil glands are too active, dead skin cells and bacteria. In addition, the dead skin cells and also the oil which is then trapped in the follicles of skin or pores which then result in the occurrence of blockage. Furthermore, this blockage makes the face blackheads and over time can appear acne when the bacteria attack.

2.             Number of sebaceous glands

Usually acne that appears on the back or back of the body area has a content sebaceous glands are quite a lot compared to other areas that cause the follicle will be more likely to cause excess sebum and also dead skin.

3.             Clothing

Factors causing acne on the back can also be caused by too tight clothes that you use. Friction that occurs in clothing and also follicles that lead inflammation will make the state of acne worsening. In addition, the use of a backpack that is too long can also aggravate the state of acne on your back.

4.             Sweat

Another factor causes the existence of acne on the back of sweat. Sweat that comes out of the body can irritate acne on the body so a way to minimize the occurrence of irritation then you are advised to take a shower after you finish doing sports. Also avoid friction that occurs on your skin, and do not rub your body while you are bathing, all you have to do is throw your body away with soap.

How to Overcome Acne on Back


For how to deal with acne that appears on the back, you can try tips and ways below!

1.             How to Overcome Acne on First Back

You should first wash the affected back area with acne by using an anti-bacterial cleanser that works specifically for acne on the back. You should not use ordinary soap.

2.             How to Overcome Acne on Second Back

Next you can use a gel or can also benzyl peroxide cream with a concentration of about 10 percent, this material is available in pharmacies or can also use a doctor’s prescription. Attention! You read carefully the steps of usage.

3.             How to Overcome Acne on Third Back

You should avoid clothes that are too tight because it will make your acne become more severe, you should use a t-shirt that is looser and can absorb sweat.

How to prevent the existence of Acne on the Back


In addition to recognizing the cause of acne on the back and how to deal with acne on the back, you also must know how to prevent acne on the back. Because acne can appear anywhere on the body that has glands that produce oil or hair follicles. Not much different from the face, the back also has sebaceous glands that produce oil or sebum. If the oil and dead skin cells mixed then the bacteria will clog the pores and trigger the existence of acne on the skin.

How to prevent the existence of acne on the back is quite easy, in general, so that acne does not appear then a person should always pay attention to the cleanliness of his entire body. Below are some ways to prevent and reduce some of the triggers of acne:

1. Immediately take a bath if you have done various activities that cause a lot of sweat. If possible, you can use products that can refresh the skin and remove excess oil on the skin such as products that contain salicylic acid.

2. Wash the back of the skin using a cleaning product commonly used for the skin that is prone to the appearance of acne. If the skin is clean and dry then you can apply benzyl peroxide on the back acne affected part.

3.  In some cases the use of backpack can trigger acne. Therefore, if this happens then you can use a waist bag or sling bag so that the risk of acne on the back can be further minimized.

4.  Wear a suit that has a natural fiber or type of fabric that can keep the skin so that the skin is not damp skin back.

5.  Change the sheets with a routine so that acne on the back and other skin can also be prevented. The longer the sheets are used the more dead skin cells, the sweat, the sebum and the germs that nest on the sheets. In addition, choose a bedspread that has a material that keeps our skin moist while sleeping, like a cotton-based bedspread.

6.  As much as possible avoid the use of certain drugs that are at risk can trigger the appearance of acne on the back. Because some drugs that contain androgen and lithium can be trigger acne.

7.  If the skin is dry, then you can use a non-comedogenic moisturizer, because the skin is too dry textured can be one of the back acne causes.

In addition to doing treatment at a clinic or doctor you can also do the treatment and prevention of acne at home with a bath twice at least twice a day, change clothes that are sweating, and do not forget to eat healthy and balanced nutrition and should avoid foods that cause acne . In addition, your bed should also be maintained by replacing the bed sheet at least twice per month so that you avoid back acne causes.

What is Blackhead and How to Treat It?


What is blackhead? Blackheads are small bumps that appear on the skin due to the presence of clogged hair follicles. Blackheads may look like pores covered in dirt, but it is a combination of oil and bacteria that turn black when exposed to air. Blackheads usually appear on the face, but many cases indicate a blackhead on the back, neck, arms or shoulders. This condition is more common in women than with men at any age, but most often occurs in adolescents.

Causes and symptoms of blackhead


Blackheads are formed when there is a blockage or buildup that appears in the hair follicles of the skin. Every follicle has one hair and glands called sebaceous gland that produce oil. The function of the oil is to keep the softness of the skin. The accumulation of dead skin cells and oils in the skin follicles create lump called blackhead. When the skin on the surface of the bump remains closed, then the lump is called whitehead. Blackhead happens when the skin over the bump opens. The open skin gets air exposure for some times and it changes the color into black.

Factors that can increase the chances of experiencing blackheads are:

  • Too much body oil production

  • Bacteria

  • Hair follicles irritation

  • Hormonal changes that related to the rise of the body oil production

  • Period/menstruation

  • Taking birth control pills

  • Take certain medications, such as corticosteroids, lithium, or androgens

Blackheads are very recognizable on the skin because of their dark color. They are a bit prominent, though they are not painful because they are not inflamed like pimples. Acne is formed by the bacteria that attack the blockage of the hair follicle, and causing inflammation and redness.

Medical treatment

Blackheads have many handling options. There are several products that you can buy without a prescription that may contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, which can be used as a cream, ointment or bar soap. If prescription treatment does not work, your doctor may prescribe you tougher drugs. These drugs can contain other types of vitamin A such as tretinoin, tazarotene, and adapalene. This treatment can prevent clogging of the hair follicles and accelerate the turn of skin cells.

Dermatologists or specialist skin conditions can use a special tool that is round loop extractor to remove blackheads. In some cases, doctors may also use special tools that have a rough surface to erode the outer layer of your skin. Sanding the skin can remove blockages that cause blackheads.

When you consult a dermatologist, the doctor will prescribe the medicine for your consumption. Buy medicine in accordance with a prescription from a dermatologist at a pharmacy. Then consume the drug as directed by a dermatologist. In the prescription of the drug is associated to remove whiteheads, dermatologists will include drugs that contain vitamin A so that the hair follicles do not have a blockage that can regenerate skin cells.

Home treatment

What are the lifestyle changes or home remedies that can be done to deal with blackheads? Here are the homes remedies that can help you deal with blackheads

  • Wash your face regularly. You are advised to wash your face 2 times a day with a cleanser, after waking and before going to bed to remove oil deposits that can cause blackheads. Washing face more than 2 times a day can irritate the skin and aggravate acne. Use a gentle cleanser that does not cause redness or irritation.
  1. In addition, do not forget to clean the face after eating oily foods like pizza or fried foods.

  2. Shampooing regularly. If your hair is oily, hair oil can contribute to clogging of pores.

  3. Use oil-free products. Products containing oil can create new blackheads. You need to use oil-free makeup, lotion, and sunscreen to keep the condition worse.

  4. Try exfoliating products. Scrub and exfoliating mask can help reduce dead skin cells and blackheads from the face. Choose products that are not irritating.

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In addition to using the home treatment above, blackheads can also be treated through these medical methods below (performed by dermatologist), among them are:

  1. Manually remove blackheads.

Dermatologist use metal tool to remove the blockage that causes blackheads. The procedure will leave hole, but don’t worry, you’ll get some treatment products to take your skin back to its best condition.

  1. Laser therapy.

The therapy can decrease excess oil production in the skin and kill the bacteria that cause blackheads. The therapy treats blackheads and pimples without damaging the skin surface. The method of treatment can be recommended by dermatologists when the blackheads appear very severe. However, some people also choose this method of treatment because the results are more optimal. Because in addition to eliminating blackheads, laser therapy can control the oil glands in order not to over-produce oil, and kill bacteria that cause acne growth. To choose a laser therapy treatment method to remove blackheads, then you need to prepare a budget that is quite expensive.

  1. Chemical peels.

The specialist use chemicals to peel dead skin cells. Smoother and healthier skin comes after the procedure.

  1. Microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is the abrasion of the top layer of skin by using fine crystals or organic powders. The layers of the skin that are diabetic are the horny layer and the dead skin cells. This treatment procedure will stimulate the production of new cell cells in the basal layer of the dermis. This procedure of microdermabrasion treatment is easy, very affordable and safe for all skin types, giving fresher facial results and looking younger.

Blackhead is actually not a serious problem, but (basically) just like any other skin problem, it is an embarrassing condition. The amount may not be as much as pimples, but blackheads have black open lumps that can be clearly visible and give a dirty (even disgusting) impression. Healthy lifestyle is the best preventive measure, but if you already have a blackhead (s) on your body, then all you have to do is get an examination right away to get the right treatment. Now you know the answer on what is blackhead and how to treat it.

The Facial Question: What Causes Blackheads?


People often have these black, nasty things in their nose called blackheads, but do you know what causes blackheads to pop? This article here will enlighten you about it.

What are blackheads?

Blackheads, if we are looking at the very obvious name, are heads that are black. These heads, however, are not the ordinary heads that we have sticking on our torso. They does not house any brains whatsoever, and they cannot be transplanted to other people (like what the doctors tried to do last year). Blackheads are basically a nasty thing that grows mainly on your nose because of many things.

We have in our whole body hair follicles. When those follicles got blocked, blackheads will show its stinky face out. They are black (hence the name blackheads) and they can be categorized as a mild acne. While they mainly grow on the nose, you can also found them hanging around your back, chest, neck, arms, or shoulders. They will not hurt you as much as an acne does, but they are still not a pleasant thing to look at. They can ruin a perfectly fine nose, which is not a good thing for nose models.

What are the major causes of blackheads?

Blackheads, while they are not a major sickness for ordinary people, is a major problem for those looking to keep their face as clean as possible. They can be caused by lots of things, and they may include:

Too much oil on your body

Oil is a major part of our body. Without oil on our face, our face will get dry and it will crack easily. You can thank oil for not letting your skin dry and hurt.

Under several circumstances, however, your body can produce too much oil that the United States of America decides to invade it. This over-producing can also be caused by many things, in which genetics play a big part. When there is too much oil on your face, complications will arise. One such complications would be the blackheads.

You see, blackhead forms because hair follicles got blocked. Do you know what can block hair follicles? Dirt. Do you know what attract dirt better than a magnet attracts steel sand? Oil. If you try to apply logic to this calculation, it will become oil + too many of the number= dirt magnet. Dirt magnet= higher chance of blackheads popping out. Higher chance of blackheads popping out= blackheads filled face. We all do not want to have a blackhead filled face, right?

If you think your body produces too much oil, the only thing you can do to is buy yourself a facial soap that will reduce the amount of oil your face produces. I know the feeling of having to buy facial soaps every now and then, but the price of a facial soap is not that high. If you got a nice paying job, you should probably be able to get one. If the facial soaps do not work, consult with your local skincare and hope for the best. It is a bit more pricey compared to facial soaps, though.

Excessive body oil is not a thing that is too bad, but if you really care for your body, you should never let anything run excessively.

Your dead skin does not shed like any normal person would

Humans are basically snakes with limbs. We strike suddenly when we need to strike and we are vile when we are needed to be. We also happens to shed our skin on a monthly (or yearly) basis.

While the semblance does not stop there, I shall continue to avoid wasting any time.

Blackheads can also be caused when dead skins do not shed normally. Because they do not shed, some dirt will get stuck between the dead skins and will clog your hair follicles. Blackheads will then pop and you will have those familiar black bumps you have actively tried to avoid.

Skins naturally shed when we face our face with facial soaps. When they do not shed, you can try using facial soaps that are stronger than your ordinary soap (BHA wash comes to mind. Study your skin before you get one though. Sensitive skins tend to get irritated with this type of wash). While the stronger facial soap will not have enough power to beat every super villains, it will hopefully be enough to beat that hard skinned skin.

Hormones can be at fault as well

Hormones are like the switches that turn our features on or off. It will make us produce lots of oils. It will make us have temper tantrums all over the world, it will make us grow facial hairs, it will make us produce milk, and it will probably be the first cause of blackheads. Teenager will often get this problem first before other, so if you are pass your teenage years, this problem should not bother you.


The only thing you can get to control your hormones is hormone drugs such as birth control pills or insulin injections. They are only a temporary solution though, so do not count on them too much.

Shaving can also be the cause

If you grow facial hair (I do not care if you are a male or female), there is a chance for you to get blackheads because you expose your hair follicles to the world outside. An exposed hair follicles will be a good place for dirt to sit in, hence risking your face of a blackhead attack. The only thing you can do is to make your face as clean as possible after you have done shaving.

Lots of other things, but not facial hygiene

Poor facial hygiene does not cause blackheads, you heard it right folks. At least not directly. Poor facial hygiene can cause lots of other problems however (like too much oil, which is often the second major cause of acne and blackheads).

With all of that said, blackheads can be caused by many things, but one summary can be taken from this article: to prevent blackhead, ALWAYS try to stay clean. Staying clean is a gateway to many beneficiary things, and it will help you stay away from what causes blackheads.

Answers to Acne: Severe Acne Treatment


If you are looking for a severe acne treatment, then you have come to the right place because I shall list tell you all about it.

Before we can cure it, we have to study it

War researcher will always study the nature of the enemy before they can even begin plotting what course the soldiers should take. With acne, we should also do the same thing. We cannot combat acne without even knowing what we are fighting. While some may have the ability to fight ‘in the dark’, it is always a good thing to know a bit of the enemy before we start to fight it.

In this case, our enemy is acne. While acne is a common knowledge for people, many do not actually know what will cause acne and what acne scientifically is.

Acne is a skin problem that will show because of several things. Bad facial hygiene, imbalanced hormones, or just plain bad luck, are a few of the many causes for acne. They can range from mild acne into a more severe acne, and we are going to talk about the later for today’s article.

While mild acne is not too much of a hindrance to our daily activities, severe acne will be one such thing (it will not directly hinder your life, but it will make you embarassed to do things on the account of the severe acne. If you are not one to know shame, then this rule does not apply to you). I have seen several cases of severe acne, and it is only right for me to say that severe acne will cause a high level of shame. Some people might not want to show their face when they got severe acne and some might not want to out of their house altogether. Severe acne is a case that will hurt one’s pride, and it will hurt one’s pride HARD.

Severe acne comes in many flavours

While your normal acne is not that variative, severe acne is. There are lots of severe acne types. These acne types includes weird names such as Nodulocystic acne, Acne conlobata, Acne fulminans, and gram negative folliculitis. This collection of tongue twisters is four of the major severe acne types available for the picking. I shall list them all and each corresponding severe acne treatment for each.

Nodulocystic acne

The distinguishing factor that made an acne a nodulocystic acne is an inflamed cyst. This sack of nastiness will grow somewhere between your back, chest, shoulders, neck, or face (the worse, I know). These cysts will be painful to press and to look, making it a nice thing NOT to have.

This type of severe acne is basically the worst because it is pretty much hard to treat. BUT they are curable with acne surgery, antibiotics, steroid injection, and isotretinoin.

One thing that is worth a note is when you take acne surgery, your doctor will cut the acne open, drain the puss out of the sack, and stich it together again. The process will not hurt and it will not be too expensive. It is an interesting thing to upload to Youtube.

The second acne would be acne conglobata

This acne is an even severe form of nodulocystic because it does not even has the gall to show the roots of its problem. This type of acne is caused by painful cysts that form under your skin and connect themselves. This will cause horrible scarring and will often attack young men who has only entered their puberty. The first thing that can help you notice the thing is when your pimple does not heal and instead turned worse. When your pimples start to turn into infected nodules, that is when you should turn to the doctor and hope for the best.

Do not ever pop one because they will smell and they are infectious.

This kind of acne requires aggresive treatment and relentless assault. Your doctor will usually prescribe you oral isotretinoin and oral steroids to combat this severe complication. It will go out after months or years, so patience is one of the important factors when combating this one.

Acne fulminans

Have you ever encountered something called whole body acne? If you have not encountered one such thing, then you are lucky. If you have, however, big chance that you are struck with acne fulminans. This one severe acne will destroy your whole body by giving you inflammation all over. It usually strike males who are in their adolescence. The symptoms range from fever, weight loss, pain on the joints, severe bleeding acne, and a swollen liver. The last one might be a bit hard to notice because who the heck can see inside their own body?

I believe that this is a worst thing because it can cause fever, and fever only happens when your WHOLE body is trying to fight bad stuffs. It is even more severe than acne conglobata and it will always require monitoring. Treatments may include NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory  drugs) and Corticosteroid. Without monitoring, this type of acne will only occur again in the future, even when you thought that you are already cured.

Gram negative folliculitis

Last but not least, we have in our list this type of severe acne. While many acne inducing bacteria is a gram positive bacteria, we have this one particular special acne that is caused by a gram negative bacteria. It looks like a regular bad acne, but it cannot be cured by any normal means. It may form when people tries to cure other types of severe acne.

This one, although is not as severe as the other three, is hard to treat simply because gram negative bacteria does not respond to your normal antibiotics. It will shrug off normal antibiotics like a champion and it will laugh at you when you try to treat it with steroids.

Lucky for us though, we can simply create another type of drug that will respond to a gram negative bacteria. Drugs such as ampicilin is known to be able to rid your body of said bacteria. This is the hardest of severe acne treatment, but it will not take too much of your time.

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Adult Acne Causes and Treatments


Clogged skin pores by oil and dead skin cells are the main adult acne causes. The bulge came from this blockage. Initially, this bulge is white. But, if the blockage can open on the surface of the skin and blackened, blackheads changed color to black. Acne that is inflamed and infections will usually have a red dot with a white center.

Until what age can acne appear?

1 among 5 women aged 25-40 years will experience acne in adulthood. Adult acne is also more suffered by women than men. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, a person who never acne in adolescence may first have acne as an adult. Menopausal acne, as it is termed, when acne appears in women aged 30 years and over.

The cause of adult acne

1.             Hormones changes

For example, an increase in the number of hormones leading up to the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or starting or stopping uses birth control.

2.             Stress

You need to know that the body responds to stress by producing more androgen hormones that will stimulate the oil glands and hair follicles in the skin to make acne appear.

3.             Heredity factors in which close family members have acne problems until adulthood.

The use of hair and skin care products that are not appropriate

So, you better check the content in hair and skin care products that are being used to find out the possibility of acne appearing because you are not fit to use the product. However, products that use non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, oil free, or will not clog pores, are less likely to cause acne.

4.             Side effects due to consumption of certain drugs

If you have never experienced the appearance of acne that is not controlled before taking the drug, then you must change or stop the use of the drugs. Therefore, consult your doctor about the possibility of changing the medicine. If the drug cannot be replaced, start treatment with a dermatologist and genitalia to control acne.

5.             Too frequent face washing can also make acne worse

Twice a day, that’s the maximum amount you can wash your face. Moreover, it will cause dry skin and the body will produce oil as a consequence.

6.             We’ve all heard of foods that are thought to cause acne such as chocolate, pizza, caffeine, and nuts. But according to research, these foods do not cause acne in most people. However, there are always exceptions to certain sensitive people. If you are one of them, then you should avoid the foods that trigger the acne. One food substance that can cause acne in everyone is iodine (if you consume it excessively). You can find it in shellfish, lobster, shrimp, crab, and some vegetables like seaweed and spinach.

7.             Sweet foods can trigger insulin in the body

Much evidence shows that insulin can increase male hormones that trigger oil production. Choose low-glycemic indexed foods that have complex carbohydrates such as whole grains. Slower grains are processed inside the body and do not cause insulin to soar dramatically.

In addition to curing acne, you should also do medical treatment to remove acne scars. Here are some ways you can do to get rid of acne scars:

1.             Laser treatment

How to remove acne scars is a laser treatment because the laser beam can destroy the outer layer of skin. Eliminating acne scars with laser treatments is divided into two categories: laser resurfacing (ablative) and non-ablative lasers.

2.             The ablative laser removes the outer layer of skin, burns out scar tissue, and stimulates skin collagen to tighten and reduce the number of scars. While non-ablative lasers can help reduce oil production and acne formation.

3.             Dermal filler

Dermal filler is a way to remove acne scars by using hyaluronic acid injected into acne scars. Dermal filler will provide nutrients to the blood vessel tissue to dead skin cells and moisturize the skin. In addition to eliminating acne scars, dermal filler can also overcome fine lines of wrinkles in the forehead area, around the eyes, and mouth or smile lines.

4.             Tissue filler

How to remove acne scars that can be tried is a tissue filler or network filler. This procedure is done by injecting collagen or fat under the surface of the skin and into the acne scars, so it can make acne scars obscured. Unfortunately, this procedure does not last long and you have to do collagen injections for several times.

5.             Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency or RF is a way of removing acne scars using radiofrequency machines and blue light rays. This treatment can help form new skin cells without having to damage the top of the skin surface. However, you need to perform this procedure for several times until the acne scar is gone.

Home treatment for adult acne

1.             Aspirin

Anti-inflammatory contents in aspirin can help eliminate acne. You simply refine an aspirin pill and mix it into a little water until thickened, then apply to acne-prone areas. After drying and peeling, wipe the rest of your face.

2.             Toothpaste

Toothpaste contains silica that can drain the moisture instantaneously. Therefore, tooth paste is able to dry and reduce the size of acne overnight. So, if the acne appears suddenly, immediately apply toothpaste on the area of acne before bed and rinse in the morning.

3.             Honey and cinnamon

Honey is a good natural antibiotic to treat acne as well as shrink acne. Honey also has a natural adhesiveness that can bind the rest of the remaining dirt on the face. You simply make it with two tablespoons of honey mask with a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon. Let stand for 10 minutes before rinsing face with warm water.

4.             Hot steam

Provide a saucepan or a bowl of boiled water and position your face facing the steam that appears to open the pores, smooth and moisturize the skin, while eliminating acne.

5.             Cucumber

In addition to eliminating eye bags, cucumbers contain anti-inflammatory agents that can eliminate acne. Puree cucumber that has been shredded with a mixture of lemon juice and apply on the face of acne. Let stand for 10 – 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Well, not many know that acne that thrives as a teenager can reappear when someone is an adult. Acne generally arises in adolescence, precisely when a person experiencing puberty. Hormone factor such as in women who are experiencing premenstrual syndrome is one of the adult acne causes in adult.

What Foods Cause Acne? – And Foods to Reduce the Breakouts

What foods cause acne? Well, there are several foods that could trigger the acne to show up. Even though food is not the only reason, this is one of the most contributing factors of your acne breakout.

What the research suggests

Research reveals that diet you chose could trigger the outbreaks. According to a study in 2010, milk from cow could increase the severity and prevalence of acne. Besides, there is a close relation between acne risk and diet of high-glycemic load.

Another research in 2007 also suggests similar things. People between age 15 and 25 with moderate severity of acne outbreaks have experienced great improvement after they switch their diet. They went from highly processed cereals and white bread into healthier diet that includes vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and whole grains.

The main key is higher protein intake and low index on glycemic in the diet in order to get significant improvement for the outbreaks. This is even better than solutions offered by the topical acne medicine.

Until today, a lot of people have believed that diet choice affects the acne breakout. And only recently the science proves that it is true with evidence. So, if you want to get flawless and clearer skin then you really need to find out about “what foods cause acne”.

Foods to avoid

There are at least 5 kinds of food that could make your acne appears worse. Again, it is not the only one factor that triggers the outbreaks but by avoiding it you have been contributing to make your skin appears better.

Cow’s milk has some relation with the acne. Even though the scientists are not so sure yet, there are several theories that support that verdict. First of all, cow’s milk triggers the spike in blood sugar that could lead to inflammation which later would lead to pimple. The insulin level that rises up will also affect the skin oils production. Most milk products we buy from the market were produced by pregnant cows. It contains hormones that could also trigger the pimples.

Sugar is the next on the list. It is not that literal but there is a link between sugar and pimples. But it also does not mean that if you eat biscuits and then you will get pimple after that. It depends on how much sugar you consume in a day, specifically at one time. Take candy and soda as the example. If you take those things at the same time then your blood sugar level will rise up and it gives you outbreaks. So, it is better to cut off some sugar intakes.

Foods that contain high-glycemic will also trigger the spike of your insulin along with blood sugar levels. The inflammation due to hormonal fluctuation will occur after that. Both of them are simply a trigger of acne outbreaks. This is includes white bread, cake, cookie, potato chip, pretzel, white rice, and highly processed cereals for breakfast.

Next on the list of “what foods cause acne” is junk foods. Junk foods are triggering hormonal fluctuation and spike on blood sugar levels as well. So, this will be a bad idea to eat junk food if you want clearer skin.

Fast food is also the type of food you should avoid. Most fast foods are greasy and it causes inflammation. Besides acne, consuming fast foods will also lead to asthma in childhood. But if fast food restaurant is the only place you can get your food right now, you may consider yogurt and salad.

Is chocolate a trigger?

According to research from Netherlands in 2013, there is a small link between acne and chocolate after the blood cells are exposed to specific bacteria type that could trigger the acne. It can promote acne if they are growing inside the clogged pores.

To sum up, the study suggests that chocolate could create inflammation and lead to bacterial infection, which can make the acne even worse. But, this is just a small study and as long as you consume it in right amount then it is going to be fine.

Besides, dark chocolate offers the antioxidants that promote body health in overall. Still, you have to make sure that you do not have any issue or allergic against chocolate.

Foods to eat

Fish and flaxseed will be highly recommended. The high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids will fight inflammation really well. You can also eat other foods as long as it contains lots omega-3 acids. Fatty fish, flaxseed, walnuts and all similar things will be a good guardian for you.

Green tea also contains huge amount of antioxidant. It will protect you from the environment that could trigger the pimples and outbreaks appear on your skin. You can start with altering the morning coffee with green tea and having an afternoon tea every day.

Oysters contain zinc and research suggests that zinc could press down the effect from acne. You can get zinc from supplement but you have to make sure that it is no more than 100 mg per day. It could lead to some side effects if you consume it more than the recommended amount. The foods that rich in zinc are such as oyster, dried watermelon seeds, roasted squash and pumpkin seeds, roast beef, veal liver, and toasted wheat germ.

Fruits and vegetables are essential when it comes to a balance diet. Beta-carotenes may help to reduce the production of skin oils and have the anti-inflammatory property. If you want to take care of the impurities then you can consume dark leafy greens. Collagen that is needed by your skin is contained in fruits like pome grenade, grapes, and dark berries.

And probiotics are also helping since it could reduce the inflammation in the body and calm down the stress. Yogurt, kefir, pickles, soy bean, and dark chocolate will be the good sources.

Once again, foods are not the only thing that promotes the acne to appear on your skin. So, these are the foods to eat and what foods cause acne.

About Acne – What Cause Pimples and How to Treat Pimples?


What cause pimples and how to treat pimples will be clearly explained through this article. Pimples can be very annoying so you better treat it well to get rid of it completely.

What is pimple?

Pimple is a condition that happen in the hair follicles that are located in back, chest, and especially face. It is common in teenagers during the puberty. It is not triggered by bacteria but bacteria could contribute to the development of the pimple itself. But it is kind of rare if the pimples develop in women in late 20s.

Acnes appear on skin with various shapes. Blackheads and white heads are occurred due to occluded pore. Pimples look tender with red bumps and it is also called as zits. There is also pustule, which is bump with pus inside. When it gets deeper, it is called cysts.

There are a lot of things can be done to treat pimples. One of them is by using products in cosmetic counter or drugstore. But, if the pimples are getting severe from time to time, you need to call a doctor and ask for proper medication or other possible treatment options.

What causes pimple?

Pimple does not occur due to a single factor. It is about several things that settled in one place then the pimples show up. It is mostly about hormonal fluctuation that also affects the production of skin oil or sebum. When those things are trapped in the clogged pores, the inflammation may be started and the irritation will cause severe acne.

However, there are several factors that could play role when it comes to acne or pimple.

Bad diet option is kind of the number one factor on the list of what cause pimples and how to treat pimples. Parents will ask their kids to not eating pizza and other junk foods just because it is greasy. But actually, it is about the diet that involves the high-carbs intake, pure chocolate, and also milk consumption. But it also depends on how much you take those foods. Balanced diet will help to take care of pimples issue.

Dirt also plays role when it comes to pimple causes. Sweat will not cause acne as long as you maintain the good body hygiene and get rid of excessive oil of your body. But on the other hand, you also cannot wash your body too often. It could make your skin too dry, which leads to skin irritation.

Some people also believe that acne could appear due to the stress level. Even though it is not playing big role but if you can accept whatever you are, the pimples seem like go away.

Pimples and acnes would be more difficult to be treated due to several factors. Heredity is the number one factor. Pressure on certain part of your body like from helmet, straps, suspenders, collars, and something like that would trigger the acne.

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Using certain drugs or medications will make worse condition. You may talk to your doctor about this point. Occupations and cosmetic you use will also trigger the presence of acne or pimples. If you wear cosmetic or skin care, just make sure that they are water-based since acne will be really sensitive with any oil-based cosmetic.

How to treat and get rid of pimples

To overcome what cause pimples and how to treat pimples, you can start with a healthy lifestyle. Regularity and moderation will be the ultimate kick starter. Even though you cannot have eight hours sleep, good meals three times per day, and plenty water for every day, you can still do something that will help your condition. Not squeezing your pimple will be a good idea.

You may have a clogged pore problem so you may visit the dermatologist for better care. Besides, you need to cleanse your skin with good skin care. Mild cleanser will be highly recommended. And you may also need to use face masks and cleanse with exfoliating property. Those products may contain salicylic acid that will be a great agent of peeling. Retinol can be considered as a natural skin peeling, the derivative of vitamin A.

Reducing bacteria will also be the good way to get rid of pimples. You can use antibacterial cleanser like benzoyl peroxide or topical medication. But you may also be aware that the benzoyl peroxide could result redness and skin irritation in certain people. If that happens to you then you should stop. However, the redness and skin irritation will go away after you stop using it.

If you want to reduce the excessive oil on your skin, you can use toner to wipe the oil away. You may find the most suitable brand for you in drugstore or cosmetic counters. You can read the skin care box if it contains glycolic acid. This substance will help to clear the skin by peeling or exfoliating.

Face mask with sulfur ingredient will help to absorb the excessive oil from your skin.

Remedies for acne

You can always cover the breakouts with cosmetic like foundation. It will be safety for you as long as it is a water-based cosmetic. But of course it will be more effective if you see the dermatologist to unclog your pore.

Some people also believe that toothpaste could help you to get rid of zits. Even though it is not the suggestion with medical basis, it is still useful too. Another thing you can try is cider vinegar diluted in the water.

You better do the basic routines to take care of your skin. Cleansing your face twice a day will be the good starter. After that, you can apply cream or gel with benzoyl peroxide ingredient in it or pad contains salicylic acid so the skin will exfoliate in the morning.

In the night, you can put some sulfur cream to the pimples. And when you want to put on some makeup, make sure that it is a water-based one according to what cause pimples and how to treat pimples.

What Causes Cystic Acne and How to Treat

Acne should be something normal as a sign of imbalance of hormone or metabolism system. However, if this is Cystic acne, you may need to get rid it of as soon as possible. What is actually cystic acne? It is a kind of acne which is spreading on a large area of your face. The area around also tends to be red and blushing. More than that, it is often difficult to be cured so that special treatments must be passed through.

The Cause of Cystic Acne

It is not clear what causes the Cystic acne. In general, it is considered the same with causes for other kinds of acne. However, there are some matters that may influence the appearance of Cystic acne on your skin

  • Genetic Factor

The gene and type of your skin gives more impacts to what kinds of problems probably happened. If you have oily skin, there is a high possibility that many of your family have the same type of skin as well. The effects are then more including the appearance of Cystic acne. Although not all your family members with oily skin must have Cystic acne, there must be one or two of them with such a problem. Yes, it means that the main reason why this acne comes to you is due to the genetic factor.

  • Psychological Factor

It is not a weird thing to relate what on your mind is with kind of diseases you suffer. This is also for the Cystic acne. If you stress or a hard problem, it is much better to keep calm and relax no matter how difficult it is. Undeniably, it can be another main factor of your Cystic acne. The scientific explanation is as follow; stress or thinking too much may make your facial muscles tightened. For the pressure, the production of oil tends to be increased and when it is blended with bacteria, it causes acne including Cystic acne.

  • Wrong Cosmetic Application

It is not bad to try a new skincare product and cosmetic. However, you must be very careful as well since the side effect is probably worse. Yes, wrong cosmetic application can cause many skin problems including Cystic acne. Cosmetic and skincare may contain a large amount of chemical substances. Although the substances are originally for your beauty, not all users find them beneficial. Allergy and some other problems can be experienced. So, if you suddenly have Cystic acne that you have never experienced before, you can check your beauty products.

  • Lifestyle

it is not a secret that our lifestyle influences our body metabolism in general. Then, when your metabolism is good, your skin will look better as well. just check your daily lifestyle; do you usually consume junk food often? Then, do you exercise regularly? Are you too lazy to drink pure water? if the answer is no, it is so reasonable if there is Cystic acne. You can then start to change your lifestyle into the much better one. Although it needs time, it is helpful to make the Cystic acne disappear.

The Treatment of Cystic Acne

The bad thing about Cystic acne problem is that you probably need to put a lot of efforts to make it disappeared. But the good thing is that the efforts can be simply done although you must be patient also to see the results. So, what can you do to get rid of your Cystic acne?

  • Home Remedies

The use of home remedies to solve Cystic acne problem may take a longer time. But it is still worth to try as it almost has no side effects. Some remedies that are considered as good for it are Aloe Vera and fruit water that contains high amount of vitamin C like tomatoes, orange, lemon, and lime. Those remedies are sources of antioxidant and vitamin C that enable to kill bacteria. Make sure to apply them every day in turns. In a week, you can start to see the good effects.

  • Cream or Ointment

There are some kinds of cream or ointment that are recommended for Cystic acne. Sure, the brands are various. Make sure the product contains retinoid. Retinoid is Vitamin A functioned to remove the obstruction in your pores. If you also consume drugs, this substance is able to support the drug to work more optimally.

  • Drugs

Since Cystic acne problem is hormonal, inner treatment must be needed as well. there are numerous brands of drugs for Cystic acne for sure. It is better if the drugs contain some following substances like Antibiotic, Isotretinoin, and Spironolactone. Antibiotic is to control bacteria and relieve the inflammation. Meanwhile, Isotretinoin is to decrease the oil production as well as relieve the inflammation. Next, you also need Spironolactone to stop the production of hormone that causes Cystic acne.

  • Dermatologist

Although the drugs can be freely found in the drugstore, it is better if you go to the dermatologist at first. It is to know what causes the Cystic acne on your skin. Yes, the causes may be different from one to another so that the treatment should be different as well. Probably, you must consume a certain drug or smear a certain cream. Besides, the dermatologist commonly also suggests you to avoid using skincare during the treatment.


  • Change Your Lifestyle

This matter is often ignored by people, whereas, it is such an essential thing. As it has been mentioned before, there is a high possibility that the presence of Cystic acne is caused by your bad habit particularly about the foods to consume. So, it is much better to change your lifestyle from now. For you the lovers of junk food, meat, and other oily or baked foods, you can stop or lessen it by now. Try to consume more fresh vegetables and fruits more. Besides, pure water is also recommended to keep your metabolism system. Don’t forget to spend your time for exercising at least 15 minutes in a day.

So, don’t be desperate for your Cystic acne. There are many chances for you to be cured and owned beautiful skin.

What Causes Whiteheads and How to Treat


Whitehead is a kind of acne that is formed when the dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and bacteria are trapped in the pores. When the hair follicles are also trapped, it makes the whitehead covered. Meanwhile, the most common is those that are not covered and placed in the areas of nose and chin. Anyone has the same possibility to have the blackhead even you don’t have any other skin problem at all. So, here are some factors that cause whitehead along with the treatment.

The Causes of Whiteheads

  • Hormonal Factor

Whiteheads are often appeared when people are growing older just after the puberty. Therefore, it can be concluded that hormone is the main factor of this problem. Some cycles of human life like menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause have so many impacts to your skin conditions. One of them is the whiteheads due to the enlargement of pores. Besides, if you consume hormonal pills to arrange the pregnancy, one of the side effects is the whiteheads anyway.

  • Genetic Factors

Genetically, you may have the same type of skin with one of your parents. As a result, the problems occurred are commonly the same also? So, don’t be so surprised of you have blackheads, a problem that is also experienced by your mom and other family members. Whiteheads are more common to be experienced in oily skin. So, if many of your family have this type of skin, it is more possible for you to have a similar type of skin along with the whiteheads.

  • Weather

Humid weather tends to give more problems for some kinds of skin including the oily one. The problems can be in the form of acne, blackhead, and whitehead. When the weather is already like that in your area, it seems you have to take care of your skin more. It can be by cleansing your face regularly to avoid the presence of blackheads and others.

  • Environment

Whitehead is basically the dead skin cells in your pores. However, it can be worse and possible when the dirt is also in it. Sure, dirt is such an external factor caused by the dust and pollution. In fact, we cannot simply prevent ourselves from the dirt particularly if we are indeed required to work outside. So, how is the solution anyway? Similar to what has been mentioned above, just make sure to clean and cleanse your face while already being at home.

  • Cosmetics and Skin Care

Applying cosmetics and skin care that are not appropriate can even bring more problems to your skin. Yes, whiteheads are often appeared on the skin of people who use or try certain products. If you already use a kind of cosmetics and skin care that are good on you, it is better to be loyal. What is advertised outside maybe not as good as it seems.

  • Certain Food Consumptions

Certain food products particularly that contain fat, milk, and sugar tend to produce more oil in the gland under the skin. Well, it is also one of the main factors of whiteheads appearance. If you like such foods so much while there are whiteheads as well, they are probably related to each other’s.

The Treatment of Whiteheads

Although whiteheads must disturb your appearance so much, you must not worry. It is actually not something dangerous. There are so many ways to get rid them of. Some of them can even be done by you.

  • Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is a sort of skincare therapy using chemical substance. Although this method is effective, unfortunately, not all people may find it appropriate. Chemical peeling can be defined as a process to lift up the dead skin cells using certain chemical substances. After the peeling, the skin can look red and blushing. Meanwhile, the side effect is the long-term change of skin tone. Is this method effective? Yes, it is considered the fastest and the most effective method to clean up the whiteheads.

  • Whiteheads Extraction

This method is unplugging the whiteheads from the pores. It can actually be done by you but it will be too risky. It is much better for going to the dermatologist or skin expert to unplug them. The process is commonly started by warming up the skin so that the pores are enlarged. Despite easing the way of extraction, it lessens the risk of skin damage and inflammation.

  • Sheet and Peel-Off Mask

Nowadays, there are numerous brands of skincare that offer this product. Undeniably peel-off mask is indeed quite effective to lift up the whiteheads. If you want the natural ones, it can be made from tissue or skin paper that is drowned in a bowl of white egg. Then, just put it on your skin and wait for minutes after it is dry. Lift the tissue or paper and the whiteheads are simply following.

  • Appropriate Skin Care

Whiteheads can also be removed without pulling them out from the pores. As long as you apply the right and appropriate skin care, they can be simply disappeared. Certainly, wrong selection of it can just make the whiteheads more severe. Particularly for oily skin, make sure you apply a set of skincare that is indeed intended for this kind of skin. Besides, you must also keep your skin clean and clear by doing some daily treatments including wiping the dirt with toner after outdoor activities, washing it with facial wash, and avoiding applying make up too much.

  • Beam Therapy

This treatment probably sounds weird and strange. Indeed, it is a new method but already tested and clinically proven to get rid of whiteheads, blackheads, acne, and any other skin problems. How does it work? It is by radiating your skin with a certain beam to kill unnecessary bacteria and prevent inflammation. However, there is side effect; if your skin is sensitive, it can cause pain or itch. Further study is still conducted to lessen the side effect as well as to make this therapy safer and more effective to treat some skin problems.

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