Acne : How to Treat it , Cause , Type and Prevent

Pimples grow in our facial area, but sometimes they grow on our back, so that is why I am going to tell you how to treat pimple on the back.

Knowing pimples

First and foremost, before we can even begin combating them, we have to know first what pimples are. To make it short, pimples are dilated pores that showed themselves because you decides to be a nasty sort of person. While hormones can be the main cause of a pimple breakout, being nasty only adds to the fire of breakout. That is why I urge you not to get nasty in order for you to avoid a certain breakout.

Now that the general cause is out of the way, let us talk about the things that can make a pimple grow on our back.

Our back is probably the widest, most spotless place in our whole body. While some bones here and there might pop out, the back is usually the place that is ‘flawless’ (hence why there are lots of dresses that expose a woman’s back). But with that power comes a responsibility. Our back is the home of thousands of pores, and for that very reason only, pimples will often show itself over there. Why do pimples often grow in our facial area and our back? Simply because the two places are where the pores are abundant. Applying analogical evidence to it is pretty easy: imagine you have 2 cupcakes while your friend have 10. Who has the bigger chance of dropping the cupcake?

Here, I am going to list all of the probably things that may cause your back to start growing the pesky pimples and what you can do to cure them:

You might be using something that clogs the pores


In our lives, we have many important things such as conditioners, soaps, body creams, sunscreens, and message oils. While those things can be beneficial, they can also clog your pores. If your body is incompatible with them, high chance that you will also get allergy from them. Make sure you check on the ingredients within them before you apply them on your skin, yes?

What can you do to avoid them?

Get yourselves better conditioner and better soaps. It does not stop over there though. After you have done washing them down, make sure that the residue of those two things does not stay on the skin (you can do this by double washing them or scrubbing them hard).

For the sunscreens and body cream, you are better off finding the variant that does not stick too long on your skin. A quick dry sunscreen is a preferable choice when we are talking about preventing acne. Body cream is probably a thing that should be avoided altogether because they contain so much oil in them. Instead of body cream, you can use lotions as an alternative. Lotions contain more water than oils, so it will not clog your pore AS bad as a body cream will do. The message oils are fine as long as you kept your pores open after the session. The basic thing to consider in here is not to let any oil stick to your body.

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