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What Causes Whiteheads and How to Treat


Whitehead is a kind of acne that is formed when the dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and bacteria are trapped in the pores. When the hair follicles are also trapped, it makes the whitehead covered. Meanwhile, the most common is those that are not covered and placed in the areas of nose and chin. Anyone has the same possibility to have the blackhead even you don’t have any other skin problem at all. So, here are some factors that cause whitehead along with the treatment.

The Causes of Whiteheads

  • Hormonal Factor

Whiteheads are often appeared when people are growing older just after the puberty. Therefore, it can be concluded that hormone is the main factor of this problem. Some cycles of human life like menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause have so many impacts to your skin conditions. One of them is the whiteheads due to the enlargement of pores. Besides, if you consume hormonal pills to arrange the pregnancy, one of the side effects is the whiteheads anyway.

  • Genetic Factors

Genetically, you may have the same type of skin with one of your parents. As a result, the problems occurred are commonly the same also? So, don’t be so surprised of you have blackheads, a problem that is also experienced by your mom and other family members. Whiteheads are more common to be experienced in oily skin. So, if many of your family have this type of skin, it is more possible for you to have a similar type of skin along with the whiteheads.

  • Weather
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Humid weather tends to give more problems for some kinds of skin including the oily one. The problems can be in the form of acne, blackhead, and whitehead. When the weather is already like that in your area, it seems you have to take care of your skin more. It can be by cleansing your face regularly to avoid the presence of blackheads and others.

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