Acne : How to Treat it , Cause , Type and Prevent

How to prevent the existence of acne on the back is quite easy, in general, so that acne does not appear then a person should always pay attention to the cleanliness of his entire body. Below are some ways to prevent and reduce some of the triggers of acne:

1. Immediately take a bath if you have done various activities that cause a lot of sweat. If possible, you can use products that can refresh the skin and remove excess oil on the skin such as products that contain salicylic acid.

2. Wash the back of the skin using a cleaning product commonly used for the skin that is prone to the appearance of acne. If the skin is clean and dry then you can apply benzyl peroxide on the back acne affected part.

3.  In some cases the use of backpack can trigger acne. Therefore, if this happens then you can use a waist bag or sling bag so that the risk of acne on the back can be further minimized.

4.  Wear a suit that has a natural fiber or type of fabric that can keep the skin so that the skin is not damp skin back.

5.  Change the sheets with a routine so that acne on the back and other skin can also be prevented. The longer the sheets are used the more dead skin cells, the sweat, the sebum and the germs that nest on the sheets. In addition, choose a bedspread that has a material that keeps our skin moist while sleeping, like a cotton-based bedspread.

6.  As much as possible avoid the use of certain drugs that are at risk can trigger the appearance of acne on the back. Because some drugs that contain androgen and lithium can be trigger acne.

7.  If the skin is dry, then you can use a non-comedogenic moisturizer, because the skin is too dry textured can be one of the back acne causes.

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