7 Reason Why You Must Join with PianoForAll

here i will explain the reason why you must choose this program …

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Reason #1

They Have more than 150 piano video lessons … Dude , I mean … Come on … All you need to do is just watching the video , hear the sound and just show your piano skills …

To top it all there are 200 Video lessons that take you through every step of the way. Each video lesson has in-depth verbal piano instruction as well! If you don’t understand the written instruction – listen to the sound file or play the video – with Pianoforall you can’t fail!

Reason #2

You will Get 500 Super Massive AUDIO PIANO LESSONS …

Embedded directly in the ebooks are over 500 sound files that cut the learning time in half. You simply click on the sound icon beside each tune or exercise and you instantly hear an audio piano lesson! No need to open new files.

Embedded directly in the ebooks are over 500 sound files that cut the learning time in half. You simply click on the sound icon beside each tune or exercise and you instantly hear an audio piano lesson! No need to open new files.

Reason #3

Pianoforall can easily be installed on a PC, Mac, Ipad, iphone or any Android tablet or Smartphone – and you get full VIDEO and AUDIO interactivity right there on the page. Just Click & Play – Simple!

Reason #4

It Couldn’t be Easier to Learn Piano …

Everything in Pianoforall is right where you need it to be. As you go through each book you can click on either Audio or Video and INSTANTLY hear or see what you are reading about. You don’t have to search your computer for lots of files and have lots of windows open.

Reason #5

Below are some of the many wonderful emails I have received from Pianoforall students.
All of them kindly offered to make their email addresses available to anyone interested in Pianoforall. If you would like to contact any of these students drop me a line and I will pass on their addresses.

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Reason #6

Super … Duper … Cheap …

Only $39 … What do you Get With $39 ?

You will get 200 Exclusive Videos & 500 Audios

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Reason #7

Within minutes you could be discovering the secrets of people who can sit down at a piano and effortlessly play any song in any style.

Why ???????

Because they have 10 EBOOKS , 200 VIDEOS & 500 AUDIOS

What do you waiting for ??????????

Read Pianoforall full review here


The Superior Singing Method Review 2018 – Best Online Singing Lessons Course Ever

Superior Singing Method Course is introduced by Aaron Anastasi. This is for those who want to sing like a Rockstar! After purchasing this course myself and practicing for weeks, now I realized that I should write a review about it. This was so far the best course in my online singing carrier, I have purchased 12+ courses online and I learned too much from them, but the one with more learning power was Superior Singing Method.

Superior Pitch, best Tone and Awesome vocal range just in 2 months (Yeah, in just 60 Days!). If it doesn’t happen to you so they will return your money as well.

superior method

…Course Breakdown…

WebSite: www.SuperiorSingingMethod.com
Author: Aaron Anastasi
Bonuses: Yes (4 Bonuses)
Program Format: Video lectures.. (Digital)
Delivery Method: You will get access to their member’s area.
Special Offer for  singing-life Readers: $97 (or you can Pay 3 Payments of $39.95)
Program Upgrade: There are many more VIP Packages inside, So yes you can!
Downloadable Vocal Exercises: Yes
Refund Policy: Yes (100% amount settlement)

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  • Comprehensive Course on how to sing properly and These are a collection of lessons which will focus a lot more on your Voice’s Pitch, Control, Tone, breathing, Ease of Singing, high notes and some other important factors of singing.
  • Easy to access the course online on every platform like Pc, mobile, and tablet. You can also download this course and watch offline whenever you want.
  • Full-time support. If you got any problem or you are not getting the lessons properly so just ask your professional mentor to help you out!
  • Video and Audio classes. They have the combination of Audio and Videos. Some lessons you will get in Audio where there is no need for a video, and sometimes we need the face of mentor cause expression are important sometimes.
  • Some vocal lessons were just awesome! and at the end of modules, you will get exercises as well for better understanding and for good singing practice.
  • Easy and multiple Payment options are available, All the payment options have 60 Days Money Back Guarantee (Risk-Free).

As you will purchase this course you will get access to $120 worth of free Bonuses.


This is huge and massive course, So you have to go through this massive singing material. This can be quite overwhelming for some of you guys!

Massive community and a lot of material to go through so you need to practice more and more to get high success rate on your singing journey. If you thought that simply watching those videos make you like Justin Bieber, so then you are wasting your money and time.

Some of us have a small brain and they take a bit time to learn, so here is the advantage that you can repeat and watch the same videos again and again.

You Should Buy The Superior Singing Method If…

  • You are struggling to improve your voice
  • To put some work on your singing to make it better
  • You want to have a long breath and a full control of voice and pitch.
  • You are willing to be a singer, Raper or a songwriter.
  • Already a singer? Doesn’t matter it will help you too
  • Are you facing difficulty while hitting high notes?

What Do You Get With This Course?

You are going to get: Video-Lessons

  • 8 modules with step by step instructions
  • Over 50 instructional videos
  • Over 30 audio singing exercises
  • Plus 4 bonus courses on performing, marketing, and advanced techniques.

Now let me explain each of these a bit more so that you can get better idea of these lessons.

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Module 1:

A module for a pure introduction. In this section, he will show you different lessons and exercises which you have to do So it is essential that you watch the first videos.

Module 1

In this module, he will also guide you in setting up the time table and practice schedule. In first lessons, he will give you some tips and warm up your voice. This is the section in which you will face almost warm-up exercises and introduction only!

Module 2:

In this module, they are going to work on your breath. In week 2 of this course, you will know exactly how to control your breath. Aaron though some good and easy breathing techniques and will provide some exercises as well.

In this 2nd module, you will get exactly 5 exercises about breath management. With them you will get 5 exercises, So you have to make sure to practice those 5 exercises a lot.

Module 3:

This module is for your tone. they are going to make your tone well in this section. This module emphasis on how to use your soft palate the right way.

Sometimes we feel like we have a cold, or our nose if full of shit? Don’t worry About it and in this module he will also guide you about This.

Module 4:

Now it is the turn of PITCH. if you learned that how to sing on pitch, you are not far away from success. Being pitch perfect is about singing perfectly, It is important for you to pay attention to this module especially since this is very important section.

Module 5:

In this module, you will learn about resonance and power. Sometimes people think that the one with a good voice can be a singer or a good singer. It is not like that for singing we need a lot more stuff to focus on.

Aaron in this section will give you many new singing exercises. With that new techniques, he will also explain them deeply. So make sure you don’t skip any lesson in this section.

Module 6:

Do you wanna sing high notes perfectly. right? If yes so this module is specifically for doing best in high notes. With that Aaron will also teach you some different vocal styles and then how to use that different vocal styles in your singing. At this stage of course, Now probably it will be 6th-week of the course and at the end of this section and week 6, I guaranty that you will love this course even more.

This is what which happened to me when I was at the end of module 6. And at the first modules and weeks it was a bit difficult for me but with time and practice, I got grip on that.

Module 7:

This is the module in which they are going to work and make your vocal agility best. Vocal agility is what which is very important in this singing world and everyone who wants to be a singer possesses for it.

In this module, Aaron almost focuses on doing vocal runs and mastering different notes. Some and important techniques that will help you to hit high notes.

Module 8:

Last but not least, This is the final week or module of superior singing method. At the end of this, I guarantee that you will have a great voice, and you will wish there will be eight more modules. In this module, there will be plenty more advanced singing techniques, voice techniques, and voice strengthening exercises.

A course like this will take your confidence to next level in singing. When you will complete this course your voice will sound so much better than past. In this module you will also learn about:

  1. “Falsetto”
  2. “Vibrato”
  3. “Strengthening your head voice and chest”.


Do you need bonuses, right? Yes as a senior member of their course and helping many newbies over the internet and with the help of my this blog, I got precious discounts for my readers and followers. click on the button below to get these Discounts:

  • Bonus Modules.
    • Module 9 and Module 10 Free Just for my Blog Readers.
  • Superior high notes.
    • Nine Extra Video lessons with seven different practices/exercises are in this bonus course.
  • Superior vibrato.
    • The 12 page manual on how to use vibrato vocal techniques.
  • get access to $120 worth of more free Bonuses as well.
    • More, More and More Free Bonuses!

Who’s the Teacher Behind Superior Singing Method?

We are very lucky that we are in the 21st century, Today we can learn anything online just from our loved room. and for most of the stuff, you can easily find world-class mentors. Those mentors are affordable as well. The mentors which you will get online will be less in price than the price of the local mentor next door.

Aaron Anastasi is a famous vocal coach and an Actor from Los Angeles, California. He is very well known personality over the internet as well and has millions of subscribers on YouTube.

After researching about Aaron Anastasi and his course now I understood that Aaron Anastasi knows his stuff very well and he did work with Grammy award winning producers. He is not like some other teachers available free on YouTube, Who even don’t know the basics of singing! Yes don’t get me wrong, There are some people on youtube as well who are very popular for free singing lessons.

Do you wanna check his style and teaching method first? Oh yeah, You can check his quality and his style of teaching and singing on his youtube channel.

To give my readers more insight, here is an Example video from Aaron Anastasi that explains what’s new with the course.

I was satisfied with Aaron and give Superior Singing Method the Singing-life ranking of five stars.

Thanks to singing-life.com for make in-depth review about Superior Singing Method .