Feel Free To Play MMO Tera Godsfall Update Adds New Apex Skills

Lively Apex abilities

Divine Charge: Replenish MP, heals HP and boost power and crit ability to team members
Volume Divine Intervention: Teleport around 4 allies into the priest
Holy Burst: Fires a bolt of heals and provides the Devoted Favor result to allies while damaging enemies
Edict of Judgment: Boosts warrior’s harm abilities and group power by 20 and crit variable by 30. Hits are counted as from the back.
Passive Apex abilities
Protective Response: caked cooldowns of many abilities
Devoted Favor: Reduce harm taken 5 percent, heals 100 HP per minute
Volume Divine Intervention: Increase variety of goals affected by Divine Intervention

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Lively Apex abilities
Punishing Blow: Leap into the air and dip your greatsword to the floor to knockdown enemies
Blazing Thrust: Massive attack which changes following strikes into back strikes
Unsheathe: Charge your greatsword to get a catastrophic spin attack with higher hit
Passive Apex abilities
Overhand Strike: Concentrate: Boost Overhand attack damage
Blade Master: Speeds up cooldowns of Punishing Blow Off and Unsheathe
Energy Rush: Boosts the consequence of In Cold Blood


Lively Apex abilities

Blade Waltz: A rotation attack which blows through enemies
Aerial Scythe: Leap into the atmosphere and commence a turning attack
Blade Frenzy: A catastrophic twist attack which summons a shadow to assault next to you
Passive Apex abilities
Tempest Aura: Accelerates strike rate, and following 50 strikes adds a darkness assault to Tempest Aura or Deadly Gamble
Ready Blades: Reduce cooldowns to get Scythe and Aerial Scythe
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