God Of War Game Review: Just Shy Of A Masterpiece

In most ways God of War is exactly what the show has ever been. It is a stunning action game with epic set pieces, big-budget production values, and hard-hitting battle that develops more frenzied and remarkable as you advance. What might surprise you is the way old its storytelling is now. Much like Kratos, God of War recalls the past whilst acknowledging the need to change. Everything new it will is for the greater, and what it holds onto rewards as a outcome. Kratos is no more a predictable juvenile. God of War is no more an old-fashioned action collection. With this reboot, it walks a new route that will hopefully result in more exciting adventures to come.

God of War / PlayStation 4

THE fantastic Impeccable demonstration The father-son dynamic enriches battle and creates Kratos surprisingly relatable Convincing composing that humanizes the outstanding supporting cast Kratos’ agility and profound repertoire of methods make him enjoyable to control than Midgard is fantastic to check at and full of rewarding side quests Expertly transforms and builds on the series’ based gameplayTHE BAD N/A

About the Writer
Peter Brown

Peter finished God of War’s narrative in about 30 hours before writing his review. He is eagerly continuing his search for larger treasure and stronger opponents. GameSpot was supplied with free copies of this sport by Sony.

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