Hellblade Expert Game Review : Senua’s Sacrifice Review

Editor’s note: We’ve updated this review to reflect our time together with the Xbox One variant of Hellblade. We tested the game on an Xbox One X. — April 6, 2018

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice / PlayStation 4 & PC & Xbox One

THE Fantastic Blends amazing visuals and ingenious design to Enhance gameplay and story Incredible sound layout Satisfying and extreme battle sequences Engaging narrative that tackles mental illness within an ingenious and dominating wayTHE BAD overly vague aims and instructions that can sometimes interrupt the pacing Repetitive puzzle architecture

About the Writer
Alessandro Fillari

Alessandro completed Hellblade’s narrative in roughly 8 hours on hard mode. Playing on the PC, he managed to clear through the first playthrough of the game without even experiencing permadeath. The GameSpot team played through the match PS4 and PS4 Pro. GameSpot was supplied free codes by writer and writer Ninja Theory for the aim of this review. Additionally, DmC: Devil May Cry was a Fantastic game.

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