How to Heal Dry, Chapped Lips: The Complete Guide

Dry, chapped, and cracked lips are absolutely miserable to deal with. Especially when you can’t seem to keep it under control, no matter how much lip balm (chap stick) you use.

So what’s really going on?

Despite what you may have been told, dry and scaly lips aren’t just caused by the dry winter air and wind.

Your Chapped Lips Can be Caused by Many Things

Nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, and a long list of other things can result in chapped lips.

This is why most lip balms don’t work—they don’t fix what’s really causing your dry lips.

And to make matters worse, most store-bought lip balms can irritate and dry out your lips—sometimes they can be the cause of your chapped lips.

That’s because lip balms often contain chemical irritants.

The point is, mainstream lip balm isn’t the solution to your chapped lips.

The solution is this complete guide to healing dry, chapped lips. It will help you find relief by identifying the root cause while suggesting irritant-free lip balms.


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Step 1: Immediate Relief

  • Get a natural lip balm that isn’t full of chemical irritants like this one.
  • Or follow this natural DIY lip balm.

Step 2: Eliminate Root Cause

  • Give your body the nutrients it needs for healthy lips with these three supplements: Food-based vitamin, omega-3 supplement, vitamin B complex.
  • Fight candida overgrowth by avoiding alcohol, refined carbs & sugar, and eat plenty of probiotic foods.
  • Avoid common chemical irritants like SLS, fragrances, and lanolin.
  • Identify foods your body may be intolerant to (e.g., wheat or dairy).
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Step 3: Lifestyle Changes

  • Avoid licking, picking, biting, and touching your lips.
  • Drink plenty of water every day (don’t overlook this).
  • Apply the recommended lip balm before bed, showering, and washing your face.
  • Run a humidifier at night with lavender essential oil.

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