Know How to Live Well as a Single Mom – It’s Not Always About the Money

This season marks the fifth time I’m facing a cancer scare inside a two-year window of time.

When I heard the news from my physician, grateful and exhausted are the 2 words which bubbled up from within me. I recognized all my biopsies and surgeries from the past have come back benign but I’m a bit tired of having to do this again. My doctor believes I’m fine but it is far better to ensure that my “health profession,” he stated, stays in tact.

This news helped me realize I’ve obtained a bigger gift now.

If you want to live really well when you are raising your kids alone, it’s the right time to generate change. A shift. A new start for the better for the long haul.

For me, these are the sorts of modifications I read about but have not had the courage to do.

Until today.

When the Burden Outweighs the Blessings

Kids are not a burden, but the responsibilities of caring for them sometimes feel overwhelming regardless of if you are a lone parent or not. They are small men and women who need advice, love and direction every day.

However, if your wellbeing is quite obsolete, and your health is becoming tossed to and fro, what can you do?

I cannot even utter, here is your game program, because life isn’t a game plan. It’s life. It was given to be enjoyed abundantly. So with fantastic intentionality, we’re embarking on a new journey to take out the clutter and let the fantastic stuff in.

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I put together a listing for us and that is what I came up with:

Sell whatever that you do not need.
Live only.
Trust God to infinity and beyond.
Stop worrying.
Stop apologizing.
Stop procrastinating.
Start believing.
Play a whole lot more.
Find your anchors.
And yes, to borrow the word from the hit song from the movie FROZEN, Let it go.
At the time spent here on earth, we are really solely accountable for ourselves and raising our kids. This is 1 principle for what I believe to some life better lived. And I know I am not alone.

Locate Your Anchors

In my son’s baseball game over the past weekend, I spoke with another single mom who is going through a divorce. She and her children moved to be home with her family. We both talked about feeling that the illness of stress and how it took its toll on our bodies, our hearts, our minds and our spirits.

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