Know How to Live Well as a Single Mom – It’s Not Always About the Money

She told me she felt as though her DNA was dying, and emphatically denied she wasn’t a striking person; she needed to come back home and feel well again. I have felt the same the last few years, I advised her.

“Peace,” she advised me. “I’ve peace, finally. And I wish this on everybody.”


Baseball was a big anchor for us. When my son plays, the world only seems right again.

Baseball has been a huge anchor for us during seasons of stress and change.

Lean on Others

Just because you’re a single parent doesn’t mean that you need to do everything yourself. Any remorse that comes to the surface doesn’t arise from a spot of justification — trust me. Combine a support group for single parents. Telephone on trusted loved ones or even ask friends or neighbors for help. I have, and they’ve been incredibly supportive to me personally.

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Love on Your Kids

Everything you give to others you may strengthen on your own. Loving in your children and being paid attention to in the moment is I think what our kids really want. When life is out of equilibrium, this will feel like a burden. When your life is in check, this will feel like a present.

Be Honest With Your Children

It’s fine to tell your kids if you are having a lousy day. I remember a couple of years back Liam found me crying after I received some bad news. Sometimes Mommies cry, is what I told him and left it at that. He gave me a kiss.

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To lower your stress and truly live well, how might you change toward flourishing rather than simply surviving? What could you do?

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