12 Most-Effective Ways to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus Naturally

Toenail fungus can make you extremely annoying if you doesn’t get rid of it quickly. It is happen because an infection that penetrates through your toenail, or even through the visible cuts in your skin. Besides from hurting, the toenail fungus makes your nail thicker and it will changes the color too. And if the infection get worsens then your nails start smelling like a rotten fruits too. The fungus can easily growth in your toenail because it’s usually warm and moist there. If you don’t treat this on an urgent care it probably lead to various other skin and nail infections that might be hard to get rid of!

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how to get rid of toenail fungus naturally

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is enriched with skin benefitting properties. Fatty acids like Caprylic in coconut oil which can heal tornail fungus

What should i do with this coconut oil to treat Toenail Fungus:


  • Clean your feet thoroughly, and make sure they’re completely dry before you start.
  • Take a small amount of coconut oil and warm it up in your hands (it may be solid, to begin with, but it will melt when it gets warmer).
  • Gently massage the oil into the skin and nail bed area, especially around the cuticle.

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2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar or call it ACV, as it is commonly known, is a fermented solution which is prepared from old and crushed apples. In the organic versions of ACV, you will find various beneficial bacteria that offer many health benefits. For example, it is high in phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium and many others. Apart from eradicating toenail fungus, it also helps in keeping your digestive system healthy.

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What Should i with this apple cider venegar and epsom salts to treat my toenail fungus:

• add 2 cups of vinegar to a full bowl of water.

  • Soak your foot for 20 to 30 minutes a day until the fungus is gone.
  • Since it thrives in moist areas,
  • make sure that you thoroughly dry your feet each time you remove them from the soak, and
  • you should make sure your feet are completely dry after you get out of the shower.

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3. Tea Tree Oil to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus

Tea tree oil works as both- antiseptic as well as a fungicidal remedy and therefore, works best against toenail fungus. It also helps in curing severe acne and other skin infections.

Method :

• Clear the affected area with warm water and pat dry.
• Mix equal amounts of tea tree oil with either olive oil or almond oil.
• Apply this diluted mixture directly on the fungus infected nails and skin.
• Let the oil soak in for about 10 minutes.
• Now, gently scrub the affected nail with a toothbrush that has a soft bristle.
• Follow this regime daily, until you notice a new healthy nail growing.
• You may continue doing this as a preventive measure for another couple of months.

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4. Corn Meal for Get Rid of Toenail Fungus


Why corn meal good for treat toenail fungus ? Read what i found

“I developed toenail fungus and tried using some herbal remedies. The daily soaks were working, but very slowly.

Then I did a cornmeal soak and almost immediately the nail fungus started to disappear from my big toe. I continued the soak about once a week and all the toes grew out clear of the fungus.”

Says : Joe Gradeon

What Should i do with this corn to get rid of toenail fungus :

• Take a bucket or a container that is big enough to fit in your foot/feet.
• Take one cup of corn meal.
• Add it to two-quarters of plain water.
• Let the cornmeal soak completely- one hour should be just perfect.
• Now, dip your feet/foot in this solution.
• Let it remain there for 30 minutes.
• You can repeat this procedure daily or every alternate day depending on the need.
• Since cornmeal is completely harmless to your nails and skin, you can opt for this procedure as many times as you may want.

5. Lavender Oil for Get Rid of Toenail Fungus

Why lavender oil is so important for get rid of toenail fungus naturally ?

Lavender oil has rich amounts of anti-fungal properties in it. Therefore, it naturally becomes a remedy to remove your toenail fungus. Apart from disinfecting your skin, nails, and scalp, lavender oil is also used for eliminating nervous tension, improve blood circulation, treat respiratory problems, etc.

What Should i do with this Lavender Oil to treat Toenail Fungus:

• Apply a few drops of undiluted lavender oil to the fungus infected nails. Lavender oil is easily available in the market, but make sure that you buy the one with a superior quality.
• You can apply this oil at any hour of the day, but if you do it before your bedtime, then it will prove to be more beneficial.
• Let the oil soak completely into your skin, it is harmless.
• You may wear woolen socks if you do not like the oil rubbing on your bedsheets.
• Never wear synthetic fiber as it may worsen your toenail infection.
• Apply the oil daily even after you have completely gotten rid of the infection as your nails may still have some invisible traces of it.

6. Oregano Oil for Remove Toenail Fungus

Heres the details why oregano oil so much important to our health .

Oregano is yet another herb that is rich in anti-fungal properties. It also has anti-viral, anti- bacterial, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties in abundance.

What should i do with Oregano Oil to treat Toenail Fungus:

  •  Try diluting two or three drops of the oregano essential oil in about a teaspoon’s worth of olive oil.
  • Rub this mixture over the infected toe
  • try to keep the toe exposed to as much fresh air as possible.
  • Items such as socks and shoes can serve to trap moisture in the foot area and, unfortunately,
  • fungi breeds easily in warm humid environments.

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7. Olive Leaf Extract for Cure Toenail Fungus

Olive leaf extract is rich in antibacterial and anti-viral properties. So apart from removing the fungal infection from your toenails, it also helps in curbing the bad cholesterol levels in your body. What more, olive leaf extract also works as a powerful detoxifier, thus removing all the toxins to make your body completely healthy.

One study has shown that olive leaf extracts may have some use in combating candida, but not to the same degree as hydroxytyrosol, which is also derived from olive plants. [source]

What Should i do with this olive leaf to remove Toenail Fungus:

• It is taken as a supplement.
• First start with small amounts of these supplements.
• Increase the quantity only when you are comfortable with the dosage.

8. Manuka Oil

Like many other oils discussed previously, the manuka oil to is loaded with anti-fungal properties.

What Should i do with this manuka oil to treat toenail fungus:

You can regularly massage this oil into your toes and nails once per day or add 5-6 drops to a foot bath and then soak your feet for 20-30 minutes. Both of these strategies can quickly neutralize your toenail fungus!

Source : organicfacts

9. Does Neem oil Can Treat my Toenail Fungus

Read the answer below :
Neem is an extremely useful plant and offers innumerable health benefits. Neem oil is one of the best treatments for healing various skin infections like ringworm, athlete’s foot, etc. The two major components namely, genin and nimb idol play a crucial role in killing all sorts of fungal infections from your body.

does neem oil can treat my toenail fungus ?

According to Toe Nail Fungus Info, medical practitioners in India have been using neem oil for decades to treat more than 60 different types of fungus, including nail fungus. Neem is applied to the affected area several times each day until the infection has cleared.

Source : livestrong

What should i do with this neem Oil Extract to treat Toenail Fungus:

• Neem Oil
• Buy a high-quality neem oil for better results.
• Apply a few drops of undiluted neem oil on your toenail fungus directly with a cotton ball.
• Do this 3-4 times daily.
Neem Leaves
• Get some handful of neem leaves and sundry them.
• Now, crush the leaves to make thin powder of it.
• Mix equal amounts of neem powder and sandalwood powder with rose water to form a thick paste.
• Now, apply the paste on the affected areas and let it dry completely.
• Apart from killing the infection completely, this mask will also offer smoothness to your rough skin.
• You should apply this paste daily until the infection fades away entirely.

10. Yoghurt for Get Rid of Toenail Fungus

Yogurt which contains live culture is very helpful in removing your toenail infection. The yogurt needs to be plain and unsweetened. A bacteria called as the acidophilus bacteria present in the yogurt stops the spread of fungus in the nearby regions and also kills the ones that are already existing.

Does yoghurt can treat my toenail fungus ?

For newer instances, where the fungus hasn’t had enough time to grow, try yogurt! Using yogurt for toenail fungus means using the power of the probiotics to strengthen the body’s response to kill off the fungus.  As with any yeast overgrowth, yogurt treatment should be done both internally and topically. Treat inside and out!

Source : cleartoesclinic

What Should i do with this Yoghurt to treat Toenail Fungus:

Topical Application
• Apply the plain yogurt on the affected area.
• Let it dry completely.
• Wash away the yogurt from your feet with warm water.
• Repeat this procedure 3-4 times a day daily until the infection goes away completely.

11. Mustard Powder to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus

Mustard is loaded with various nutrients and the acids in it help in killing your toenail fungus.

What Should I do With Mustard Powder to treat Toenail Fungus:

• Take about one tablespoon of mustard powder.
• Add it to 2 liters of warm water.
• Let your infected feet soak in thoroughly into this mixture for about 30 minutes.
• You should follow this procedure twice daily- before your bath and before your bedtime.
• Doing this regularly will give you desired results.

12. Clean & Moisturize

The fungus makes your nails look and smells bad. It also toughens the skin around the infected nails. And therefore, it is of extreme importance that you maintain extreme hygiene of that particular area.

How to clean and moisturize the fungus infected area:

• Take a container that allows your feet to soak in completely.
• Fill it with warm water.
• Put some gentle, chemical free body wash into it.
• Let your feet be in it for a while, 5-10 minutes should be fine.
• Scrub the infected area very gently with your fingertips.
• Take your feet out of the container and wipe them off with a fresh towel. Always use fresh towels for the fungus-infected area.
• Use a gentle and chemical free moisturizer for your rough skin.
• Apply the moisturizer every time you clean your feet, and especially before you leave for work or are wearing your socks.
• Cleaning and moisturizing the infected area 3-4 times a day will help in the healing process.
• All said and done, this should not be assumed as a stand-alone remedy for curing your toenail infection. You will need to rely on the remedies mentioned above for faster healing and permanent eradication of the fungus from your skin.
• Make sure that you do not rip off your skin while following any of the processes mentioned above. The skin becomes extremely delicate and sensitive due to the infections, and harsh treatment will make it even worse.

Some lifestyle changes that can help you get rid of Toenail Fungus:

1. Include probiotics like yogurt in your diet- A healthy microflora is extremely important for your body. It not only helps you get rid of the fungus but also prevents it from happening in the first place.
2. Avoid perspiration as much as you can. Sweat or perspiration leads to many skin infections and toenail fungus is one of the very common ones.
3. Avoid walking barefoot in moist and humid areas like gyms, swimming pools, and shower rooms.
4. If you are prone to skin infections, avoid wearing socks and shoes for longer periods of time. If you have to, then wear skin-friendly materials.

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