5 ways To Get Rid of Cystic Acne

Acne should be something normal as a sign of imbalance of hormone or metabolism system. However, if this is Cystic acne, you may need to get rid it of as soon as possible. What is actually cystic acne? It is a kind of acne which is spreading on a large area of your face. The area around also tends to be red and blushing. More than that, it is often difficult to be cured so that special treatments must be passed through.

The Cause of Cystic Acne

It is not clear what causes the Cystic acne. In general, it is considered the same with causes for other kinds of acne. However, there are some matters that may influence the appearance of Cystic acne on your skin

  • Genetic Factor

The gene and type of your skin gives more impacts to what kinds of problems probably happened. If you have oily skin, there is a high possibility that many of your family have the same type of skin as well. The effects are then more including the appearance of Cystic acne. Although not all your family members with oily skin must have Cystic acne, there must be one or two of them with such a problem. Yes, it means that the main reason why this acne comes to you is due to the genetic factor.

  • Psychological Factor

It is not a weird thing to relate what on your mind is with kind of diseases you suffer. This is also for the Cystic acne. If you stress or a hard problem, it is much better to keep calm and relax no matter how difficult it is. Undeniably, it can be another main factor of your Cystic acne. The scientific explanation is as follow; stress or thinking too much may make your facial muscles tightened. For the pressure, the production of oil tends to be increased and when it is blended with bacteria, it causes acne including Cystic acne.

  • Wrong Cosmetic Application
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It is not bad to try a new skincare product and cosmetic. However, you must be very careful as well since the side effect is probably worse. Yes, wrong cosmetic application can cause many skin problems including Cystic acne. Cosmetic and skincare may contain a large amount of chemical substances. Although the substances are originally for your beauty, not all users find them beneficial. Allergy and some other problems can be experienced. So, if you suddenly have Cystic acne that you have never experienced before, you can check your beauty products.

  • Lifestyle

it is not a secret that our lifestyle influences our body metabolism in general. Then, when your metabolism is good, your skin will look better as well. just check your daily lifestyle; do you usually consume junk food often? Then, do you exercise regularly? Are you too lazy to drink pure water? if the answer is no, it is so reasonable if there is Cystic acne. You can then start to change your lifestyle into the much better one. Although it needs time, it is helpful to make the Cystic acne disappear.

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The Treatment of Cystic Acne

The bad thing about Cystic acne problem is that you probably need to put a lot of efforts to make it disappeared. But the good thing is that the efforts can be simply done although you must be patient also to see the results. So, what can you do to get rid of your Cystic acne?

  • Home Remedies

The use of home remedies to solve Cystic acne problem may take a longer time. But it is still worth to try as it almost has no side effects. Some remedies that are considered as good for it are Aloe Vera and fruit water that contains high amount of vitamin C like tomatoes, orange, lemon, and lime. Those remedies are sources of antioxidant and vitamin C that enable to kill bacteria. Make sure to apply them every day in turns. In a week, you can start to see the good effects.

  • Cream or Ointment
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There are some kinds of cream or ointment that are recommended for Cystic acne. Sure, the brands are various. Make sure the product contains retinoid. Retinoid is Vitamin A functioned to remove the obstruction in your pores. If you also consume drugs, this substance is able to support the drug to work more optimally.

  • Drugs

Since Cystic acne problem is hormonal, inner treatment must be needed as well. there are numerous brands of drugs for Cystic acne for sure. It is better if the drugs contain some following substances like Antibiotic, Isotretinoin, andSpironolactone. Antibiotic is to control bacteria and relieve the inflammation. Meanwhile,Isotretinoin is to decrease the oil production as well as relieve the inflammation. Next, you also need Spironolactone to stop the production of hormone that causes Cystic acne.

  • Dermatologist

Although the drugs can be freely found in the drugstore, it is better if you go to the dermatologist at first. It is to know what causes the Cystic acne on your skin. Yes, the causes may be different from one to another so that the treatment should be different as well. Probably, you must consume a certain drug or smear a certain cream. Besides, the dermatologist commonly also suggests you to avoid using skincare during the treatment.

  • Change Your Lifestyle

This matter is often ignored by people, whereas, it is such an essential thing. As it has been mentioned before, there is a high possibility that the presence of Cystic acne is caused by your bad habit particularly about the foods to consume. So, it is much better to change your lifestyle from now. For you the lovers of junk food, meat, and other oily or baked foods, you can stop or lessen it by now. Try to consume more fresh vegetables and fruits more. Besides, pure water is also recommended to keep your metabolism system. Don’t forget to spend your time for exercising at least 15 minutes in a day.

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So, don’t be desperate for your Cystic acne. There are many chances for you to be cured and owned beautiful skin.

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