6 Ways to Get Rid of Sunspots on Face

You hear the word sun spots often. Many humans be afflicted by sunspots. It is a not unusual motive of fear. It makes the skin unpleasant. Sunspots on face are a critical pores and skin hassle. So what are sunspots? The phrase itself explains the meaning. Sunspots are flat brown spots at the skin. Sun spots are also called sun lentigines.

The dangerous rays of run cause sunspots. The ultraviolet impact of the solar’s rays causes solar spots. It is likewise known as darkish spots, liver spots, or brown spots. Sunspots occur when you exit in the sun. It takes place when the frame is exposed to the harmful rays of the solar.

Sunspots are common in Caucasians. Their body incorporates lesser quantities of melanin. Melanin is produced by way of melanocytes. The low melanin content promotes sun spots. But the extra amount of melanin is likewise terrible for pores and skin. It will make the skin darker. It is likewise called hyperpigmentation.

You may additionally experience unhappy with sunspots. Are you pressured about putting off sunspots? Continue to read this text. This article will assist you to obtain the aim. The article enriches your expertise on sunspots. You will understand more approximately sunspots. You will understand the technology behind sunspots. You gets home remedies for sun spots. You may even read beneficial guidelines to do away with sunspots.

Sunspots on face are an age-vintage hassle. The skin care industry is combating against the ill effects of the sunspots. Research has been going on for decades. There are many answers provided through them. Many merchandise are easily available inside the marketplace. There are many drug treatments to fight against sunspots. Most of them are effective also. There are many home remedies also for sunspots.

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Home remedies to Get Rid of Sunspots on Face

There are many home remedies for sunspots. Here are top home remedies. You can try it at the comfort of your home. It is very effective. The older generation of people used it. They have proven it every effective.

The home remedies are easy to use. You can simply follow the steps. It will help you to get rid of the sunspots. Please go through the different home remedies of sunspots.

Sunspot Home remedies #1 : Lemon Juice to Get Rid of Sunspots on Face

It acts correctly against sunspots. There is acid in lemon juice. The acid will work towards sun spots. The acidic nature can also create a burning sensation. It happens if the skin is damaged. It will act as a moisturizer for dry pores and skin.


Follow the steps to remove sun spots.

  • Squeeze gently fresh lemon juice
  • Apply it softly on the spots
  • Use a cotton to apply the lemon juice on the skin
  • Leave it for a few minutes
  • Repeat the procedure thrice in a week
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Sunspot Home Remedies #2 : Aloe Vera juice to Get Rid of Sunspots on Face

Benefits aloe vera juice to eliminate sun spots :

  • works against skin damages
  • removes sunspots on face as well.
  • lightens the sunspots in the skin.

Aloe vera Sun Spot Mask :

  • Take aloe vera gel in a teaspoon
  • Add vitamin E to it if you wish
  • Apply on the sun spots and face
  • Leave it for 20-30 minutes
  • Wash it off with clean water
  • Repeat the procedure twice a day

Sunspots Home Remedies #3 : Watermelon to Get Rid of Sunspots on Face

What benefit of watermelon :

  • Watermelon is good for skin.
  • has cooling effects.
  •  rich in water content.
  • has anti-aging properties too.
  • one of the best sunspot correctors. It is rich in Vitamin A, B, and C.

What to do:

  • Take out the inside part of watermelon in a bowl.
  • Rub it on the skin properly
  • Wash it after 30 minutes with clean water
  • Repeat the procedure at least 3 times a week.
  • Continue it for a longer period
  • Do not expect immediate results

Sunspots Home Remedies #4: Green Tea bags to Get Rid of Sunspots on Face

The reason why you must choose green tea to get rid of sun spots:

  •  good for health.
  •  works very well on skin also. Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants.
  •  help to heal the sun damages on the skin.
  • You have to use tea bag with proper care.
  • There should not be much friction with the skin.
  • It may further create problems.
  • It is a good home remedy to get rid of sun spots.

What to do method:

  • Soak a green tea bag in boiling water for some time
  • Squeeze the tea bag into a cotton ball
  • Rub the soaked cotton ball over the dark spots twice a day
  • Make sure you apply gently on the skin
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Sunspots Home Remedies #5 : Apple Cedar Vinegar to Get Rid of Sunspots on Face

There are many natural treatments against sunspots. Some of them act as a sun block. Apple Cedar Vinegar is a very effective sunblock. It is reliable. It is easy to use as well. It minimizes the effect of radiation. It helps the skin to fight against the harmful rays of the sun.

Apple Cedar Vinegar contains alpha hydroxyl acids. It works very well against the harmful rays of the sun. Mix it with lemon juice for better results.

Follow the instructions to use Apple Cedar Vinegar effectively on the skin.

  • Take half teaspoon of apple cedar vinegar
  • Mix it with one teaspoon of lemon
  • Make it in a paste form
  • Apply on the sun spots with a cotton ball
  • Start from the forehead
  • Leave the mixture on the skin overnight
  • Wash the skin properly at morning
  • Continue the remedy for at least six weeks

SunSpots Home Remedies #6 : Buttermilk to Get Rid of Sunspots on Face

Buttermilk is an age old home remedy. It is very beneficial for skin. It has lactic acid. It helps in cleansing the skin deeply. Apply buttermilk on the affected area regularly. You will see immediate results. It has got cooling effects.

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