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9 Bathroom Tile Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

Mid-century American baths have been in love with pattern and colour. The 1940s saw suburbs full of bubblegum-pink bathroom flooring, mint-green countertops, as well as baths, toilets and sinks in vivid colours. The daring bathroom trend lasted in the 1970s — and lots of older houses have the avocado tiles to establish it.

Subsequently, in the 1980s, we unexpectedly got sick of baths that had something to say. Ever since that time, we have been covering our baths in safe, silent options like beige, white, grey and white. A neutral toilet is not all bad. However, these stunning, picture tile remedies make us need to kiss silent bathrooms goodbye.

A little space such as a toilet is a excellent place to test bold colours and finishes which may not operate in bigger regi

Tile Sabo Project
Tile Sabo Project

ons. We have piled up 17 brilliant bathroom tile ideas to demonstrate how. Whether or not you would like to plaster your toilet with stripes and ombré or only create your beige somewhat less blah, these thoughts will provide you some inspiration to pump up your area’s style.

1. Cool Ombré

Lay geometric tiles within an ombré blueprint to deliver a contemporary edge to a space with industrial components.

2. Brilliant Watercolors

The cobalt blue pattern on those tiles evokes the calming watercolor texture of Japanese shibori, painting the wall with subtle feel.

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3. Organic Stripes

Lay not-quite-square tiles three or four complementary colours to get a unique pattern which goes good with natural finishes.

Picture: DedoDesign

4. Switched-Up Subway


Switch classic subway tiles onto their side by picking them dark green and placing them lengthwise.

5. Bright Orchid

Tile Kathykuohome
Tile Kathykuohome

Give a plain toilet a twist twist by tiling a half-wall at a saturated colour like fire-glazed orchid.

6. Unexpected Splashes

Create a dull white toilet exciting by placing tiles at a herringbone pattern and layering at a bit of colour.

Picture: Produced a Mano

7. Geometric Tromp L’oeil

Triangular tiles placed at a 3D block pattern fool the eye into seeing more thickness and maintain a tile half-wall from appearing monolithic.

Picture: Suzy Hoodless

8. Curvy Vintage

Give a contemporary bathroom a bit of classic headboard with shell-shaped deco tiles. A curvy classic mirror, sconces and metal fittings complete the timeless appearance.

Picture: Emily Henderson

9. Moroccan Spa

Floor-to-ceiling patterned tile paired using terra cotta-colored grout produces a spa-like escape that matches nicely with lace cotton towels and a relaxing tub.

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