How to Get rid of Back Acne Naturally

Pimples grow in our facial area, but sometimes they grow on our back, so that is why I am going to tell you how to treat pimple on the back. First and foremost, before we can even begin combating them, we have to know first what pimples are. To make it short, pimples are dilated pores that showed themselves because you decides to be a nasty sort of person. While hormones can be the main cause of a pimple breakout, being nasty only adds to the fire of breakout. That is why I urge you not to get nasty in order for you to avoid a certain breakout.

Now that the general cause is out of the way, let us talk about the things that can make a pimple grow on our back.

Our back is probably the widest, most spotless place in our whole body. While some bones here and there might pop out, the back is usually the place that is ‘flawless’ (hence why there are lots of dresses that expose a woman’s back). But with that power comes a responsibility. Our back is the home of thousands of pores, and for that very reason only, pimples will often show itself over there. Why do pimples often grow in our facial area and our back? Simply because the two places are where the pores are abundant. Applying analogical evidence to it is pretty easy: imagine you have 2 cupcakes while your friend have 10. Who has the bigger chance of dropping the cupcake?

Here, I am going to list all of the probably things that may cause your back to start growing the pesky pimples and what you can do to cure them:

You might be using something that clogs the pores

In our lives, we have many important things such as conditioners, soaps, body creams, sunscreens, and message oils. While those things can be beneficial, they can also clog your pores. If your body is incompatible with them, high chance that you will also get allergy from them. Make sure you check on the ingredients within them before you apply them on your skin, yes?

What can you do to avoid them?

Get yourselves better conditioner and better soaps. It does not stop over there though. After you have done washing them down, make sure that the residue of those two things does not stay on the skin (you can do this by double washing them or scrubbing them hard).

For the sunscreens and body cream, you are better off finding the variant that does not stick too long on your skin. A quick dry sunscreen is a preferable choice when we are talking about preventing acne. Body cream is probably a thing that should be avoided altogether because they contain so much oil in them. Instead of body cream, you can use lotions as an alternative. Lotions contain more water than oils, so it will not clog your pore AS bad as a body cream will do. The message oils are fine as long as you kept your pores open after the session. The basic thing to consider in here is not to let any oil stick to your body.

Clothes can be a problem as well

While clothes are not the biggest problem of them all, they can *sometimes* be a problem. Clothes that is larger than your body might not be an irritant to your skin, but the tight ones can be. While this can be avoided by not wearing any skin-tight clothing, sometimes we just want to show that curves.

Showing curves will never cause pimples to grow on your skin, but make sure that you clean yourself up after you are done with it. The pimples will mainly not grow because of the friction the clothes and your skin make, but it mainly grows because there is a dirt over that part. The friction only ‘ignited’ the dirt. A simple bath can be one of the good ways on how to treat pimple on back.

Problematic Genetics

We are born on one family not because we wanted to, but because we are destined to be born on that family. If said family got a pimple growing tendency, then none can be at fault because genetics can be a pain in the butt sometimes.

Curing this is not easy because you have to change the most fundamental system that bases your existence, but getting over it is pretty easy. What you need to get is over the counter pimple medications. These medications are basically pimple medications and they will never do anything that can change your genes, but at the very least they can prevent pimples from growing out of control.

If the problems are too much for you to handle, topical and oral medications are available for you to pick. Just consult your doctor first before you pop one into your mouth and rub one on your skin, okay?

You are eating food that should not be eaten regularly

There is this think called junk foods. They taste good and they can fulfil your deepest desires. They, however, is filled with lots of thing called ‘fat’. Fat is not good for your heart, and people told me that everything that is not good for your heart will be never good for anything else in your body. That also includes the skin. When your heart is unhappy, your skin will be as well.

Dairy products are often the main perpetrator of skin and heart problems. That is why I recommend you to not eat dairy products in high amount of number. If you like dairy products so bad, cutting them down will also work as well as cutting them off. Do not drink milk in every meal; drink only a few glasses of them in each day and you will be set.

Eating cheese is worse than drinking a milk, but you can also cut the cheese down to a one serving everyday. This is the hardest remediaton on how to treat pimple on back because cheese for cheese lovers can be an ambrosia.

Back Acne Causes and Treatments

Many people, especially men, try to find out about back acne causes. As is known that acne not only appears on the skin of the face but acne can also appear on various surfaces of other body skin. Usually in addition to facial acne appears on the chest or back, neck, upper hand and sometimes many people do not realize that his chest or back was exposed to acne.

Although the chest and back can be covered with clothing so it becomes more closed but of course if there is acne on the body will still bother you. In addition, if you wear clothes that are slightly open acne or black spots acne scars will be visible, so it will reduce your confidence.

Causes of the existence of acne on the back

1. Factors are almost the same as the cause of the existence of acne on the face

Acne on the back can be caused by trigger factors that cause the existence of acne on your face, including the production of oil glands are too active, dead skin cells and bacteria. In addition, the dead skin cells and also the oil which is then trapped in the follicles of skin or pores which then result in the occurrence of blockage. Furthermore, this blockage makes the face blackheads and over time can appear acne when the bacteria attack.

2. Number of sebaceous glands

Usually acne that appears on the back or back of the body area has a content sebaceous glands are quite a lot compared to other areas that cause the follicle will be more likely to cause excess sebum and also dead skin.

3. Clothing

Factors causing acne on the back can also be caused by too tight clothes that you use. Friction that occurs in clothing and also follicles that lead inflammation will make the state of acne worsening. In addition, the use of a backpack that is too long can also aggravate the state of acne on your back.

4. Sweat

Another factor causes the existence of acne on the back of sweat. Sweat that comes out of the body can irritate acne on the body so a way to minimize the occurrence of irritation then you are advised to take a shower after you finish doing sports. Also avoid friction that occurs on your skin, and do not rub your body while you are bathing, all you have to do is throw your body away with soap.

How to Overcome Acne on Back

For how to deal with acne that appears on the back, you can try tips and ways below!

1. How to Overcome Acne on First Back

You should first wash the affected back area with acne by using an anti-bacterial cleanser that works specifically for acne on the back. You should not use ordinary soap.

2. How to Overcome Acne on Second BackNext you can use a gel or can also benzyl peroxide cream with a concentration of about 10 percent, this material is available in pharmacies or can also use a doctor’s prescription. Attention! You read carefully the steps of usage.

3. How to Overcome Acne on Third Back

You should avoid clothes that are too tight because it will make your acne become more severe, you should use a t-shirt that is looser and can absorb sweat.


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How to prevent the existence of Acne on the Back


In addition to recognizing the cause of acne on the back and how to deal with acne on the back, you also must know how to prevent acne on the back. Because acne can appear anywhere on the body that has glands that produce oil or hair follicles. Not much different from the face, the back also has sebaceous glands that produce oil or sebum. If the oil and dead skin cells mixed then the bacteria will clog the pores and trigger the existence of acne on the skin.

How to prevent the existence of acne on the back is quite easy, in general, so that acne does not appear then a person should always pay attention to the cleanliness of his entire body. Below are some ways to prevent and reduce some of the triggers of acne:

1. Immediately take a bath if you have done various activities that cause a lot of sweat. If possible, you can use products that can refresh the skin and remove excess oil on the skin such as products that contain salicylic acid.

2.Wash the back of the skin using a cleaning product commonly used for the skin that is prone to the appearance of acne. If the skin is clean and dry then you can apply benzyl peroxide on the back acne affected part.

3. In some cases the use of backpack can trigger acne. Therefore, if this happens then you can use a waist bag or sling bag so that the risk of acne on the back can be further minimized.

4. Wear a suit that has a natural fiber or type of fabric that can keep the skin so that the skin is not damp skin back.

5. Change the sheets with a routine so that acne on the back and other skin can also be prevented. The longer the sheets are used the more dead skin cells, the sweat, the sebum and the germs that nest on the sheets. In addition, choose a bedspread that has a material that keeps our skin moist while sleeping, like a cotton-based bedspread.

6. As much as possible avoid the use of certain drugs that are at risk can trigger the appearance of acne on the back. Because some drugs that contain androgen and lithium can be trigger acne.

7. If the skin is dry, then you can use a non-comedogenic moisturizer, because the skin is too dry textured can be one of the back acne causes.


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In addition to doing treatment at a clinic or doctor you can also do the treatment and prevention of acne at home with a bath twice at least twice a day, change clothes that are sweating, and do not forget to eat healthy and balanced nutrition and should avoid foods that cause acne . In addition, your bed should also be maintained by replacing the bed sheet at least twice per month so that you avoid back acne causes.

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