How To Get Rid of Pimples Naturally

What cause pimples and how to treat pimples will be clearly explained through this article. Pimples can be very annoying so you better treat it well to get rid of it completely.

What is pimple?

Pimple is a condition that happen in the hair follicles that are located in back, chest, and especially face. It is common in teenagers during the puberty. It is not triggered by bacteria but bacteria could contribute to the development of the pimple itself. But it is kind of rare if the pimples develop in women in late 20s.

Acnes appear on skin with various shapes. Blackheads and white heads are occurred due to occluded pore. Pimples look tender with red bumps and it is also called as zits. There is also pustule, which is bump with pus inside. When it gets deeper, it is called cysts.

There are a lot of things can be done to treat pimples. One of them is by using products in cosmetic counter or drugstore. But, if the pimples are getting severe from time to time, you need to call a doctor and ask for proper medication or other possible treatment options.

What causes pimple?

Pimple does not occur due to a single factor. It is about several things that settled in one place then the pimples show up. It is mostly about hormonal fluctuation that also affects the production of skin oil or sebum. When those things are trapped in the clogged pores, the inflammation may be started and the irritation will cause severe acne.

What foods cause acne? Well, there are several foods that could trigger the acne to show up. Even though food is not the only reason, this is one of the most contributing factors of your acne breakout.

What the research suggests

Research reveals that diet you chose could trigger the outbreaks. According to a study in 2010, milk from cow could increase the severity and prevalence of acne. Besides, there is a close relation between acne risk and diet of high-glycemic load.

Another research in 2007 also suggests similar things. People between age 15 and 25 with moderate severity of acne outbreaks have experienced great improvement after they switch their diet. They went from highly processed cereals and white bread into healthier diet that includes vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and whole grains.

The main key is higher protein intake and low index on glycemic in the diet in order to get significant improvement for the outbreaks. This is even better than solutions offered by the topical acne medicine.

Until today, a lot of people have believed that diet choice affects the acne breakout. And only recently the science proves that it is true with evidence. So, if you want to get flawless and clearer skin then you really need to find out about “what foods cause acne”.

Foods to avoid

There are at least 5 kinds of food that could make your acne appears worse. Again, it is not the only one factor that triggers the outbreaks but by avoiding it you have been contributing to make your skin appears better.

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Cow’s milk has some relation with the acne. Even though the scientists are not so sure yet, there are several theories that support that verdict. First of all, cow’s milk triggers the spike in blood sugar that could lead to inflammation which later would lead to pimple. The insulin level that rises up will also affect the skin oils production. Most milk products we buy from the market were produced by pregnant cows. It contains hormones that could also trigger the pimples.

Sugar is the next on the list. It is not that literal but there is a link between sugar and pimples. But it also does not mean that if you eat biscuits and then you will get pimple after that. It depends on how much sugar you consume in a day, specifically at one time. Take candy and soda as the example. If you take those things at the same time then your blood sugar level will rise up and it gives you outbreaks. So, it is better to cut off some sugar intakes.

Foods that contain high-glycemic will also trigger the spike of your insulin along with blood sugar levels. The inflammation due to hormonal fluctuation will occur after that. Both of them are simply a trigger of acne outbreaks. This is includes white bread, cake, cookie, potato chip, pretzel, white rice, and highly processed cereals for breakfast.

Next on the list of “what foods cause acne” is junk foods. Junk foods are triggering hormonal fluctuation and spike on blood sugar levels as well. So, this will be a bad idea to eat junk food if you want clearer skin.

Fast food is also the type of food you should avoid. Most fast foods are greasy and it causes inflammation. Besides acne, consuming fast foods will also lead to asthma in childhood. But if fast food restaurant is the only place you can get your food right now, you may consider yogurt and salad.

Is chocolate a trigger?

According to research from Netherlands in 2013, there is a small link between acne and chocolate after the blood cells are exposed to specific bacteria type that could trigger the acne. It can promote acne if they are growing inside the clogged pores.

To sum up, the study suggests that chocolate could create inflammation and lead to bacterial infection, which can make the acne even worse. But, this is just a small study and as long as you consume it in right amount then it is going to be fine.

Besides, dark chocolate offers the antioxidants that promote body health in overall. Still, you have to make sure that you do not have any issue or allergic against chocolate.

Foods to eat

Fish and flaxseed will be highly recommended. The high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids will fight inflammation really well. You can also eat other foods as long as it contains lots omega-3 acids. Fatty fish, flaxseed, walnuts and all similar things will be a good guardian for you.

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Green tea also contains huge amount of antioxidant. It will protect you from the environment that could trigger the pimples and outbreaks appear on your skin. You can start with altering the morning coffee with green tea and having an afternoon tea every day.

Oysters contain zinc and research suggests that zinc could press down the effect from acne. You can get zinc from supplement but you have to make sure that it is no more than 100 mg per day. It could lead to some side effects if you consume it more than the recommended amount. The foods that rich in zinc are such as oyster, dried watermelon seeds, roasted squash and pumpkin seeds, roast beef, veal liver, and toasted wheat germ.

Fruits and vegetables are essential when it comes to a balance diet. Beta-carotenes may help to reduce the production of skin oils and have the anti-inflammatory property. If you want to take care of the impurities then you can consume dark leafy greens. Collagen that is needed by your skin is contained in fruits like pome grenade, grapes, and dark berries.

And probiotics are also helping since it could reduce the inflammation in the body and calm down the stress. Yogurt, kefir, pickles, soy bean, and dark chocolate will be the good sources.

Once again, foods are not the only thing that promotes the acne to appear on your skin. So, these are the foods to eat and what foods cause acne.

However, there are several factors that could play role when it comes to acne or pimple.

Bad diet option is kind of the number one factor on the list ofwhat cause pimples and how to treat pimples. Parents will ask their kids to not eating pizza and other junk foods just because it is greasy. But actually, it is about the diet that involves the high-carbs intake, pure chocolate, and also milk consumption. But it also depends on how much you take those foods. Balanced diet will help to take care of pimples issue.

Dirt also plays role when it comes to pimple causes. Sweat will not cause acne as long as you maintain the good body hygiene and get rid of excessive oil of your body. But on the other hand, you also cannot wash your body too often. It could make your skin too dry, which leads to skin irritation.

Some people also believe that acne could appear due to the stress level. Even though it is not playing big role but if you can accept whatever you are, the pimples seem like go away.

Pimples and acnes would be more difficult to be treated due to several factors. Heredity is the number one factor. Pressure on certain part of your body like from helmet, straps, suspenders, collars, and something like that would trigger the acne.

Using certain drugs or medications will make worse condition. You may talk to your doctor about this point. Occupations and cosmetic you use will also trigger the presence of acne or pimples. If you wear cosmetic or skin care, just make sure that they are water-based since acne will be really sensitive with any oil-based cosmetic.

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How to treat and get rid of pimples

To overcome what cause pimples and how to treat pimples, you can start with a healthy lifestyle. Regularity and moderation will be the ultimate kick starter. Even though you cannot have eight hours sleep, good meals three times per day, and plenty water for every day, you can still do something that will help your condition. Not squeezing your pimple will be a good idea.

You may have a clogged pore problem so you may visit the dermatologist for better care. Besides, you need to cleanse your skin with good skin care. Mild cleanser will be highly recommended. And you may also need to use face masks and cleanse with exfoliating property. Those products may contain salicylic acid that will be a great agent of peeling. Retinol can be considered as a natural skin peeling, the derivative of vitamin A.

Reducing bacteria will also be the good way to get rid of pimples. You can use antibacterial cleanser like benzoyl peroxide or topical medication. But you may also be aware that the benzoyl peroxide could result redness and skin irritation in certain people. If that happens to you then you should stop. However, the redness and skin irritation will go away after you stop using it.

If you want to reduce the excessive oil on your skin, you can use toner to wipe the oil away. You may find the most suitable brand for you in drugstore or cosmetic counters. You can read the skin care box if it contains glycolic acid. This substance will help to clear the skin by peeling or exfoliating.

Face mask with sulfur ingredient will help to absorb the excessive oil from your skin.

Remedies for acne

You can always cover the breakouts with cosmetic like foundation. It will be safety for you as long as it is a water-based cosmetic. But of course it will be more effective if you see the dermatologist to unclog your pore.

Some people also believe that toothpaste could help you to get rid of zits. Even though it is not the suggestion with medical basis, it is still useful too. Another thing you can try is cider vinegar diluted in the water.

You better do the basic routines to take care of your skin. Cleansing your face twice a day will be the good starter. After that, you can apply cream or gel with benzoyl peroxide ingredient in it or pad contains salicylic acid so the skin will exfoliate in the morning.

In the night, you can put some sulfur cream to the pimples. And when you want to put on some makeup, make sure that it is a water-based one according to what cause pimples and how to treat pimples.

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