How to Get Rid of Whiteheads in 1 Week

Whitehead is a kind of acne that is formed when the dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and bacteria are trapped in the pores. When the hair follicles are also trapped, it makes the whitehead covered. Meanwhile, the most common is those that are not covered and placed in the areas of nose and chin. Anyone has the same possibility to have the blackhead even you don’t have any other skin problem at all. So, here are some factors that cause whitehead along with the treatment.

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What Causes Whiteheads

  • Hormonal Factor

Whiteheads are often appeared when people are growing older just after the puberty. Therefore, it can be concluded that hormone is the main factor of this problem. Some cycles of human life like menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause have so many impacts to your skin conditions. One of them is the whiteheads due to the enlargement of pores. Besides, if you consume hormonal pills to arrange the pregnancy, one of the side effects is the whiteheads anyway.

  • Genetic Factors

Genetically, you may have the same type of skin with one of your parents. As a result, the problems occurred are commonly the same also? So, don’t be so surprised of you have blackheads, a problem that is also experienced by your mom and other family members. Whiteheads are more common to be experienced in oily skin. So, if many of your family have this type of skin, it is more possible for you to have a similar type of skin along with the whiteheads.

  • Weather

Humid weather tends to give more problems for some kinds of skin including the oily one. The problems can be in the form of acne, blackhead, and whitehead. When the weather is already like that in your area, it seems you have to take care of your skin more. It can be by cleansing your face regularly to avoid the presence of blackheads and others.

  • Environment
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Whitehead is basically the dead skin cells in your pores. However, it can be worse and possible when the dirt is also in it. Sure, dirt is such an external factor caused by the dust and pollution. In fact, we cannot simply prevent ourselves from the dirt particularly if we are indeed required to work outside. So, how is the solution anyway? Similar to what has been mentioned above, just make sure to clean and cleanse your face while already being at home.

  • Cosmetics and Skin Care

Applying cosmetics and skin care that are not appropriate can even bring more problems to your skin. Yes, whiteheads are often appeared on the skin of people who use or try certain products. If you already use a kind of cosmetics and skin care that are good on you, it is better to be loyal. What is advertised outside maybe not as good as it seems.

  • Certain Food Consumptions

Certain food products particularly that contain fat, milk, and sugar tend to produce more oil in the gland under the skin. Well, it is also one of the main factors of whiteheads appearance. If you like such foods so much while there are whiteheads as well, they are probably related to each other’s.

The Treatment of Whiteheads

Although whiteheads must disturb your appearance so much, you must not worry. It is actually not something dangerous. There are so many ways to get rid them of. Some of them can even be done by you.

  • Chemical Peeling
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Chemical peeling is a sort of skincare therapy using chemical substance. Although this method is effective, unfortunately, not all people may find it appropriate. Chemical peeling can be defined as a process to lift up the dead skin cells using certain chemical substances. After the peeling, the skin can look red and blushing. Meanwhile, the side effect is the long-term change of skin tone. Is this method effective? Yes, it is considered the fastest and the most effective method to clean up the whiteheads.

  • Whiteheads Extraction

This method is unplugging the whiteheads from the pores. It can actually be done by you but it will be too risky. It is much better for going to the dermatologist or skin expert to unplug them. The process is commonly started by warming up the skin so that the pores are enlarged. Despite easing the way of extraction, it lessens the risk of skin damage and inflammation.

  • Sheet and Peel-Off Mask

Nowadays, there are numerous brands of skincare that offer this product. Undeniably peel-off mask is indeed quite effective to lift up the whiteheads. If you want the natural ones, it can be made from tissue or skin paper that is drowned in a bowl of white egg. Then, just put it on your skin and wait for minutes after it is dry. Lift the tissue or paper and the whiteheads are simply following.

  • Appropriate Skin Care

Whiteheads can also be removed without pulling them out from the pores. As long as you apply the right and appropriate skin care, they can be simply disappeared. Certainly, wrong selection of it can just make the whiteheads more severe. Particularly for oily skin, make sure you apply a set of skincare that is indeed intended for this kind of skin. Besides, you must also keep your skin clean and clear by doing some daily treatments including wiping the dirt with toner after outdoor activities, washing it with facial wash, and avoiding applying make up too much.

  • Beam Therapy
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This treatment probably sounds weird and strange. Indeed, it is a new method but already tested and clinically proven to get rid of whiteheads, blackheads, acne, and any other skin problems. How does it work? It is by radiating your skin with a certain beam to kill unnecessary bacteria and prevent inflammation. However, there is side effect; if your skin is sensitive, it can cause pain or itch. Further study is still conducted to lessen the side effect as well as to make this therapy safer and more effective to treat some skin problems.

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